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Name: Kimberly Milardo.

Position: Communications assistant in the athletics department. Serving as the sports information contact for the women's basketball team, the men's soccer team, the softball team and the water polo and fencing teams. Maintaining the official Web sites, statistics and record books for the teams. Answering media requests and writing press releases, post-game stories and feature stories. Assembling media guides and game programs.

Quote: "The great aspects of my job are the people I work with and the subject of our work college sports and student athletes. I get to travel with several of the teams. I've been to all the Ivy League schools and to Montana, California and Arizona in the past year."

Other interests: Refereeing girls basketball games at local middle schools. Babysitting. Traveling to Baltimore to visit her boyfriend, Owen.


Staff retirements

Effective April 1: in facilities, lead maintenance technician John Schenck, after 19 years; in grounds, landscaper Johnny Parks, after 38 years.

Effective May 1: in grounds, foreman John Mellody, after 42 years; in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, office support staff member Sara Miller, after 22 years; in the plumbing shop, assistant foreman Kenneth Wilson, after 24 years.

Effective June 1: in the plasma physics lab, technical associate John Clark Sr., after 34 years; in chemistry, academic support staff member Alice Fank-hauser, after 14 years; in maintenance, general foreman John Stryker, after 28 years.


Staff obituaries

Retired employees

April: Judith Benson, 64 (1979-1997, plasma physics lab); Rocco Frazzetta, 77 (1977-1996, paint shop); Domenico Guglielmi, 87 (1967-1979, mainte-nance); Darnley Kirton Sr., 68 (1969-1993, library); Robert Stevenson, 72 (1954-1993, maintenance); James Vandergrift, 74 (1973-1995, public safety).

May: Charles Braswell, 84 (1975-1987, public safety); Gertrude Cruser, 81 (1968-2001, housing).