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First students graduate from Princeton Prep

By Jennifer Greenstein Altmann

Princeton NJ -- The first students to complete the Princeton University Preparatory Program, an intensive, three-year academic experience for high school students, are heading to 16 colleges and universities in the fall.

"When Miguel Centeno and I first launched the Preparatory Program, we dreamed of outcomes like this," said John Webb, director of the University's Program in Teacher Preparation, who co-founded the program with Centeno, a professor of sociology.

"The students' accomplishments and the record of college acceptances and scholarships are the realization of that dream," he said. "As a result of their hard work and what we've done in the preparatory program, the students are poised on the brink of a splendid future."

First students

The first students to complete the Princeton University Preparatory Program participated in a graduation ceremony May 27 in the Friend Center. President Tilghman, center, attended to congratulate the students, who are now headed to 16 colleges and universities.



Two of the students will be attending Princeton in the fall. Others are heading to Columbia University, Vassar College, Rutgers University, Pennsylvania State University, Tulane University and Bryn Mawr College.

The 20 students entered the Princeton Prep program in 2001, spending six weeks on campus for three summers attending classes in the sciences and the humanities to prepare them academically for college. They also attended tutoring sessions during the school year.

The program admits students from Ewing, Princeton and Trenton who are academically gifted and come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The goal is to provide them with the necessary skills and experiences to make them viable candidates for admission to selective colleges and universities.

The opening ceremony for the program's fourth session will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 3, in the University Chapel. The 58 sophomores, juniors and seniors attending the program this summer will take courses in literature, writing, mathematics, college preparation and music and art appreciation.

Here are the students and the schools they will be attending: Toni Applegate, Rutgers University; Sharmin Bennett, Stevens Institute of Technology; Amanda Boone, Hampton University; Amber Cifelli, Rutgers University; Jennifer DeSantis, Vassar College; Spencer Granston, the College of New Jersey; Iwona Kaczmarek, West Virginia University; Yinan Li, Rutgers University; Jesus Lopez, Syracuse University; Karl Micka-Foos, Princeton University; Eboni Rabb, Rider University; Rudy Rodas, George Washington University; Charlene St. Clair, Rutgers University; Jessica Sanchez, Pennsylvania State University; Jamie Sparano, Princeton University; Anna Stange, Tulane University; Sharese Stanley, Temple University; Rafael Torres, Columbia University; Tim Tsoi, the University of Richmond; and Sanda Win, Bryn Mawr College.