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TigerCard office opens in New South

Princeton NJ -- The University's TigerCard office is now open on the A level of New South and has launched a new Web site.

The office, formerly called the OneCard office, was created earlier this year to provide centralized management of the operations and services that use the TigerCard. In addition to serving as the official photo identification card for faculty, staff, students and affiliates, the TigerCard allows admittance to the library, recreational facilities and McCosh Health Center. It also provides access to dining services' meal plans, authorized entry to campus buildings, borrowing privileges for the library and debit card spending.

The Web site, located at <web.princeton.edu/sites/tigercard/>, offers information on how to obtain and use the TigerCard, purchase and monitor declining balance points and replace lost or stolen cards. It includes a section on ''frequently asked questions'' that covers topics ranging from how to submit a photo image electronically to card eligibility for retirees. The site also provides information on the TowerCard (previously known as the Tiger Card), a departmental charge card that can be used at University dining facilities, and includes a variety of online forms to complete to request cards.

''We welcome all members of the University community to take a look at our Web site, visit our office, or call or e-mail us,'' said Elisabeth Dahlen, director of the TigerCard office. ''Our goal is to be a 'one-stop shop' and to make everything as easy as possible.''

Assisting Dahlen are Wayne Bayles, Kathleen Bozowski, Elizabeth Chase, Kasia Hertz and Dave Tierney. The office can be reached by telephone at 258-5436 or by e-mail at <TigerCard@princeton.edu>.