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Julie Choe

Julie Choe (photo: Denise Applewhite)


Name: Julie Choe.

Position: Administrative assistant in the Office of the Dean of the College. Handling scheduling for Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel and Associate Dean Peter Quimby. Conducting research on a variety of topics in higher education. Assembling and editing materials for various publications. Helping to plan award dinners.

Quote: “I love the exposure I get to the myriad facets of this office’s responsibilities. It’s a great way to get to know a lot of different people who are spread all across campus.”

Other interests: Serving on the board of directors for the Farm School, an educational farm in Massachusetts. Growing organic vegetables. Traveling with her husband, Jim, especially to developing countries.

Staff obituaries

Current employees

September: James Watson, 50 (1990-2006, psychology).

October: Michael Septer, 39 (1994-2006, public safety).

November: Dan Oberst, 58 (1987-2006, information technology); Barbara Sutton, 52 (1986-2006, population research).

Retired employees

September: William Pieslak, 81 (1961-1986, plasma physics lab); Richard Shamon, 77 (1957-1990, plasma physics lab).

October: Zaira Allen, 84 (1972-1983, library); Harrison Schanck, 82 (1966-1989, maintenance).

November: Helen Fairbanks, 91 (1967-1978, library); Glenn Feller, 85 (1976-1997, plasma physics lab); Edward Hill III, 63 (1969-1999, plasma physics lab); Richard Holzbaur, 89 (1962-1982, plasma physics lab); Frances Landolfi, 78 (1981-1993, real estate finance); Sophie Monaghan, 74 (1985-1995, plasma physics lab); Gordon Mudge, 87 (1965-1980); Robert Randolph, 78 (1953-1994, building services); Silas Snead, 73 (1959-1996, plasma physics lab).


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