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Benefits update

Key changes for 2005

• Health care premiums will increase.

• Because Oxford has merged with UnitedHealthcare, the Oxford Point-of-Service Health Plan will not be available in 2005.

• Two new health care options will be added: Aetna Point-of-Service Plan and UnitedHealthcare Point-of-Service Plan.

• Aetna HMO-NJ and Aetna HMO-PA have been combined. Both will be covered under Aetna HMO. There is no change in coverage.

• All health plans will have prescription drug coverage through Medco Health.

• Covered outpatient mental health visits will increase from 24 to 50 visits per calendar year.

• Physical therapy, occupational therapy and cardiac rehabilitation visits will increase from 20 to 30 visits for each type of rehabilitation per calendar year.

• Female faculty and staff members age 35 and older will now be eligible for annual mammograms.

• Co-payments for all plans will increase. For example, the co-payment for office visits to primary care physicians will increase from $10 to $15 per visit.

• Deductibles for prescription drugs will increase from $100 to $115 for individual and from $200 to $230 for family.

• An incentive to use the Medco Pharmacy Home Delivery Service for maintenance drugs has been added.

• Out-of-pocket maximums for the PPO have changed.