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Career Services

The Office of Career Services conducts an annual survey of Princeton seniors to determine their post-graduation plans. The class of 2003 survey, conducted in May and June, revealed that:

• Nearly 64 percent of graduating seniors were pursuing full-time employment or yearlong internships, while about 25 percent were planning further education. Roughly 9 percent were following other pursuits, including the military, travel and professional sports. (About 2 percent of seniors did not respond to the survey.)

• Of those employed full time, the most popular career choices were investment banking and other financial services (34 percent); consulting and other service industries (28 percent); education and other nonprofit organizations (18 percent); and computer products and other manufacturing companies (9 percent). In addition, 11 percent of the class of 2003 accepted yearlong internships in a variety of fields.

• Among those planning further education, the largest concentrations were in law (23 percent); medicine and related fields (23 percent); social sciences (15 percent); engineering (14 percent); and sciences and mathematics (10 percent).


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