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Celebrating the start of a new academic year

The University community marked the beginning of a new academic year with Opening Exercises on Sept. 10. Students streamed into the chapel for the interfaith service and gathered outside afterward. The University Band later entertained the crowd on Alexander Beach at a picnic.

Tilghman offers five-point plan for success at Princeton

Before classes even began, President Tilghman gave the University’s newest students some “homework.” In her address at Opening Exercises on Sept. 10, Tilghman presented a syllabus of sorts for the class of 2010, featuring the five keys to a successful undergraduate experience.

Renovated club to become gathering place for students

Plans are under way to turn Campus Club, a former eating club that has been donated to the University, into a gathering space for Princeton undergraduate and graduate students.

Edward Stiefel, chemist who bridged domains, dies

Edward Stiefel, a gifted Princeton chemist who bridged the fields of industry and academia, died Sept. 4 in New Brunswick, N.J., from pancreatic cancer. He was 64.

Sagnier introduces new language for learning

Christine Sagnier came to Princeton last September with a mission: Refresh and enliven the way undergraduates learn the French language. She started by redesigning a training course for graduate students who teach introductory French classes, penning her own textbook for them.

Parking changes intended to provide improved service

Princeton NJ — The University has made several changes in its parking regulations, effective Sept. 15. The changes are intended to provide improved and consistent service to members of the University community.

Chiller plant wins design award

The expansion of the University’s chilled water plant has won a design award from the Boston Society of Architects.

Planet Earth may have ‘tilted’ to keep its balance, say scientists

Imagine a shift in the Earth so profound that it could force our entire planet to spin on its side after a few million years, tilting it so far that Alaska would sit at the equator. Princeton scientists have now provided the first compelling evidence that this kind of major shift may have happened in our world’s distant past.

Team benefits from demands of interdisciplinary science

Studying the human brain has taught a team of Princeton researchers a thing or two about interdisciplinary science. The team has been gathering in the basement of Green Hall for the past several years to confront an ongoing problem: how to take better “snapshots” of the brain’s activity as it functions.



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