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Nominations sought for President's Achievement Award through Dec. 15

Princeton NJ -- Nominations for the prestigious President's Achievement Award are being accepted by the selection committee through Wednesday, Dec. 15.

The President's Achievement Award recognizes members of the support and administrative staff with five or more years at Princeton whose dedication and special efforts have contributed significantly to the success of their departments and the University.

Four awards are made annually to members of either the biweekly A and B staff or administrative and related staff in grades 1-6. A fifth award will be made to a member of the administrative and related staff in grades 7-8.

Successful nominees will receive a cash award of $2,000 and a certificate and will be recognized at the Service Recognition Luncheon on March 2.

Staff members are encouraged to suggest possible nominees to their supervisors. Managers should make written recommendations to their vice president or dean, who after review will present to the selection committee a single document that incorporates comments and endorsements from others.

A list of selection committee members, excerpts from last year's winning entries, a list of past winners and other information about the President's Achievement Award is located on the Web at <www.princeton.edu/hr/recog/presawrd.htm>.