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This year's freshman class

Enrollment figures for this year's freshman class demonstrate the increasing economic diversity of Princeton's students. Significant improvements in the University's financial aid policies have made a Princeton education affordable for students regardless of their family financial circumstances.

Comparing the class of 2007 and the class of 2001 (the last class admitted before the improvements), this year's freshman class has:

• 182 more aid students, an increase of 42 percent.

• a 13 percent higher yield on aid students.

• 38 more low-income students, a gain of 43 percent.

• 52 percent on financial aid, compared to 38 percent in the class of 2001.

Princeton's financial aid program is considered the leading one among U.S. colleges and universities.

Source: Report on Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid presented at the Sept. 15 faculty meeting by Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel.


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