Remembering alumni who died on Sept. 11



Princeton NJ -- A memorial garden honoring the 13 Princeton University alumni killed in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was dedicated in a ceremony Sept. 13. The garden is located on the west side of East Pyne Hall where it connects with Chancellor Green. The area is just east of Nassau Hall.

It includes a paved walkway in which a large bluestone plaque and 13 small bronze stars have been placed. Surrounded by plantings and three stone benches, it also features a bronze bell titled "Remembrance" that was designed by Toshiko Takaezu, a retired Princeton faculty member.

The garden's dedication coincides with the re-opening this year of East Pyne and Chancellor Green after two years of renovation. The buildings now house the Andlinger Center for the Humanities.

  Shirley Tilghman ringing garden bell

"In this beautiful alcove, surrounded by our new humanities center and looking directly at Nassau Hall, we have drawn on the solidity and strength of stone, wood and bronze and on the regenerative capacity of plant life to communicate both permanence and continuous renewal," President Tilghman said at the dedication.

"The garden is just off one of the most heavily used walkways of our campus -- a direct link from town into gown -- and yet it is sheltered in ways that provide comfort and encourage reflection," she said. "We believe that because of its design it will become a place of quiet refuge, and it will serve as a constant reminder of those honored here and the terrible events that brought their lives to such a tragic and untimely end."

At the conclusion of the dedication, Tilghman rang the bell 13 times for each of the Princeton alumni who died.


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