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Four to continue serving as deans

Princeton NJ — The five-year reviews of the four deans whose evaluations were scheduled this year have been completed and reported to the Board of Trustees, and all four will continue to serve in their positions.

The reviews were conducted by President Tilghman and Provost Christopher Eisgruber as part of a process under which all members of the president’s cabinet are thoroughly reviewed every five years.

The four deans are: Stan Allen, dean of the School of Architecture; Nancy Malkiel, dean of the college; Anne-Marie Slaughter, dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; and William Russel, dean of the Graduate School.

“All four of these deans have done excellent work, and we are delighted that they are continuing in their roles,” said Eisgruber.


Stan Allen

Allen, who earned a master of architecture degree from Princeton in 1988, was named dean of architecture in 2002. A practicing architect, he has worked to connect the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline, focusing specifically on incorporating advanced computing capacities into the curriculum. He also chaired Tilghman’s Task Force on the Creative and Performing Arts in 2005, which provided the vision for the new University Center for the Creative and Performing Arts. Through that effort and others, he has forged interdisciplinary alliances across the campus.


Nancy Malkiel

Malkiel was first named dean of the college in 1987. She came to Princeton in 1969 as a faculty member in the Department of History, where she currently holds the rank of professor. A nationally recognized leader in undergraduate education, she has played a major role in the planning and implementation of the new four-year residential college system. She also has championed recent efforts to curb grade inflation and to provide undergraduates with more exposure to the full range of academic majors.


Anne-Marie Slaughter

Slaughter, a 1980 graduate of the Wilson School, has served as its dean since 2002. Also the Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs, she recently convened and served as co-director of the Princeton Project on National Security, a multi-year research project aimed at developing a new, bipartisan national security strategy for the United States. Last year, she announced the Scholars in the Nation’s Service Initiative, a scholarship program designed to encourage more of the nation’s top students to pursue careers in the U.S. federal government, especially in the field of international relations.


William Russel

Russel has served as dean of the Graduate School since 2002. The Arthur Marks *19 Professor of Chemical Engineering, he has been a member of the faculty since 1974. He has worked to improve the recruitment of underrepresented minorities and women and to increase support for graduate students, including through the development of several family-friendly policies such as maternity leave and child care. He also has led an expanded effort to engage graduate alumni in the life of the University.


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