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2006 valedictorian composes impressive record of achievement
Study of past sets salutatorian on course for future
Commencement events scheduled

University steps up sustainability efforts
Tilghman names committee to guide health and well-being
University extends Humanitarian Relief Efforts Policy until June 2007
Rothman helps reveal intricacies of ancient math phenomenon
Program offers grad students a world of opportunities
Carter shapes future breakthroughs, one atom at a time, one student at a time


Nassau Notes
Calendar of events
By the numbers



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Gregory D. Smith (John Jameson)



Name: Gregory D. Smith.

Position: Academic programs administrator in the Department of Music. Maintaining academic records and tracking fulfillment of requirements for graduate students, undergraduate majors and musical performance certificate candidates. Managing the admission process for Ph.D. programs in composition and musicology. Coordinating the private music lessons process, practice room scheduling and various departmental events in the Woolworth Center for Musical Studies.

Quote: “I have worked at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and the Woodrow Wilson School, and all of the jobs I’ve had at Princeton have put me in touch with many people. The number one thing I like about my current job is my contact and involvement with students. There is so much creative talent here. We’re a small department, but we make every effort to serve the needs of all students — both majors and non-majors.”

Other interests: Utilizing his classical training in voice and choral conducting. Serving as director of music at Grace Episcopal Church in Pemberton, N.J. Performing as a vocal soloist in concerts around New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Collecting CDs, reading and shopping.

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