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Rupp and Levinson to be honored with top alumni awards
Supercomputer to accelerate collaboration
Students hone Spanish skills as community volunteers

Prize in race relations expands to 10 cities
Engineers apply optimization to streamline work assignments
Survey set on parking and transportation

Greenberg was devoted to family, Princeton
Economist, professor emeritus Robert Kuenne dies at 81
Trustee and alumnus served as presidential adviser
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Photo of: Barbara Basel

Barbara Basel (Photo: Denise Applewhite)


Name: Barbara Basel.

Position: Manager of plans and programs for the Department of Public Safety. Helping Steven Healy, director of public safety, develop and execute the department’s strategic plan. Examining processes and process improvement. Supervising hiring, which includes working with job candidates and overseeing orientation for new employees.

Quote: “I love the work that I do — it demands the most out of me and challenges me to excel. The people in this department are great to work with. They have a great ability to find a balance between very serious work and enjoying life.”

Other interests: Hiking. Reading biographies, mysteries and books about leadership. Traveling in the United States and overseas.


Anthony D.J. Branker, senior lecturer in the Department of Music and director of the University’s jazz program, has received a Fulbright Scholar grant to teach at the Estonian Academy of Music.

Branker is spending the fall semester at the conservatory in Tallinn, Estonia, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and assisting in the development of a jazz studies curriculum. He is among some 850 U.S. scholars and professionals to receive Fulbright grants to teach or conduct research abroad this year.

A 1980 Princeton graduate, Branker has taught here and conducted the University Jazz Ensembles since 1989.

Staff retirements

Effective Sept. 1: in the library, senior bibliographic specialist Mary Wieland, after 21 years.

Effective Oct. 1: in psychology, student program administrator Arlene Coughlin, after 28 years; in athletics, foreman John Cruser Jr., after 42 years; and in the plasma physics lab — computer division software head Steven Davis, after 31 years; maintenance and operations head Carl Potensky, after 25 years; and technician/carpenter Robert Tucker, after 25 years.

Staff obituaries

Current employee

September: Frank Timmons, 55 (1985-2005, molecular biology).

Retired employees

July: Ellen Greenwood, 72 (1984-2000, library).

September: Richard Kidd, 76 (1961-1994, building services); Howard Strauss, 62 (1971-2005, academic services); Edward Taylor, 92 (1967-1978, building services).