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Frist at five: Facility builds on success as campus epicenter
Princeton responds to help Hurricane Katrina victims

Tenure policy aims to make Princeton more family friendly
Mudd Library exhibition commemorates 1945
Online forum to feature ‘tiger tomes’
Campus transformation accelerates during summer construction season

Quimby selected as associate dean of the college
New director, new mission lead Pace Center in new directions
Jeremiah S. Finch, longtime faculty member and administrator, dies at 95
Eminent astrophysicist John Bahcall dies at 70
Spotlight, Staff retirements, Staff obituaries

Ceremony marks beginning of year
Frist open house scheduled for Sept. 14
Calendar of events
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Photo of: Bill Bausmith



Name: Bill Bausmith.

Position: Associate director of design and construction in the facilities department. Supervising the construction management group, which oversees all major construction projects on campus. Developing and administering the office’s scheduling and planning program, which serves as a tool for administration and Board of Trustee campus planning efforts. Managing a program that equips all large construction projects with a Web site for use by builders, designers and clients.

Quote: “There is a cross section of very smart and experienced people to tap as resources at Princeton, and there have always been places to apply what I’ve learned.”

Other interests: Making impromptu visits to the pianos in Rockefeller Hall and the new E-Quad café to keep up his piano playing, a skill he has honed since he was 6. Playing golf. Spending time with his wife, Jean, and his children, Billy and Katie.

Staff retirements

Effective July 1: in mechanical and aerospace engineering, senior research scholar Timothy Baker, after 22 years; in the plasma physics lab, benefits administrator Bobbie Forcier, after 37 years; in University health services, senior clinical social worker Lynn Greenberg, after 10 years; in mathematics, office assistant Elaine Husinko, after 21 years; in the plasma physics lab, technical associate John Mount Jr., after 25 years; in the library, special collections assistant Emily Nguyen, after 16 years; in the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, office support staff member Lois Ornstein, after 16 years; in printing and mailing, director Fred (Skip) Plank, after 24 years; and in mechanical and aerospace engineering, technical staff member William Stokes, after 26 years.

Effective Aug. 1: in facilities, scheduler/planner George Ackerman, after 18 years; in molecular biology, academic support staff member Norma Caputo, after 15 years; in the library, senior bibliographic specialist Sojune Leung, after 21 years; and in the plasma physics lab — senior managing research physicist Dale Meade, after 39 years; information officer Carol Phillips, after 34 years; principal research physicist Gerd Schilling, after 28 years; senior managing research physicist John Schmidt, after 36 years; and budget analyst Loretta Wohar, after 29 years.

Effective Sept. 1: in the library, head of microforms services Sooni Johnson, after 31 years.

Staff obituaries

Current employees

June: Ramin Ashraf, 40 (2000-2005, academic services).

July: Firoozeh Khazrai, 46 (1997-2005, Near Eastern studies); Erik Rauch, 31 (2005, ecology and evolutionary biology).

August: Hugh McDonald, 60 (1994-2005, locksmith shop).

Retired employees

June: Marius Isaila, 83 (1957-1990, physics); Carl Sherrick, 80 (1962-1991, psychology).