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Name: Elizabeth Patten.

Position: Communications assistant for the Office of Communications. Providing information about the University to the media, film crews, researchers, faculty, prospective students and other members of the community. Handling subscriptions for the Princeton Weekly Bulletin and taking orders for publications. Scheduling radio interviews for faculty members.

Quote: “Our office is a hub of activity — it’s never dull — but coming from a large family prepares you in the art of multitasking. And I really love working with such a great group of personalities and talent.”

Other interests: Spoiling her three-month-old grandson, Ethan. Reading, especially books by Princeton alumni and faculty. Spending time with her husband, John, and their children, Sarah, Edward and Chris.

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Current employees

May: Donald Albury, 54 (1986-2005, media services); Deanne Johnson, 55 (2003-2005, psychology); Marianne Waterbury, 63 (1983-2005, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students).

Retired employees

March: Donald Dickey, 73 (1959-1996, dining services); Rinaldo Rossi, 84 (1964-1985, building services).

April: Mary Hui, 84 (1970-1983, library); Ralph Osborne, 92 (1938-1977, machine shop).

Staff retirements

Effective April 1: in loans and receivables, collection officer Richard Huston, after 34 years.

Effective May 1: in development research, assistant director Therese Genne, after 18 years; in public safety, patrol officer Ann Lewis, after 29 years.

Effective June 1: in PRINCO, administrative assistant Anita Loerke, after 18 years; in physics, senior technician Charles Sule, after 25 years; in the Woodrow Wilson School, office support staff member Janet Thompson, after 10 years; and in the Plasma Physics Lab — computer division head Dorothy Barnes, after 27 years; property administrator supervisor Trevor Bayes, after 27 years; administrative secretary Dolores Bergmann, after 25 years; administrative staff assistant Joyce Bitzer, after 28 years; technical associate Richard Borusovic, after 29 years; lead technician Robert Cancel, after 40 years; technical associate Joseph Frangipani, after 45 years; technical associate John Gennuso, after 39 years; technician Gerald Hart, after 30 years; lead engineer Aleksandar Ilic, after 25 years; computer hardware head Gary Oliaro, after 32 years; principal mechanical engineer Robert Parsells, after 22 years; principal research physicist Martha Redi, after 25 years; technical associate John Semler, after 45 years; lead technician Roland Snead, after 43 years; staff accountant John Wheeler, after 30 years.

Effective July 1: in health services, senior clinical social worker Lynn Greenberg, after 10 years; in mechanical and aerospace engineering, office support staff member Elaine Kozinsky, after 21 years.