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Photo of: Darryl Waskow



Name: Darryl Waskow.

Position: Managing director in the Program in Theater and Dance. Producing events at the Matthews Acting Studio, the Hagan Dance Studio and the Berlind Theatre. Doing budgeting and scheduling, which includes consulting with students to involve them in the production process and hiring guest artists and casual workers.

Quote: “I like working with the students on a new production, whether it’s a play written by a student or a piece a student has found and is interested in doing. I enjoy bringing a project from the printed page to the stage — it’s taking a manuscript and turning it into a living production.”

Other interests: Sailing with his 10-year-old son, Harry. Attending sporting events on campus with his family, which also includes his 5-year-old daughter, Dorothy, and his wife, Susan, who is an administrator at the Center for Jewish Life.

Staff retirements

Effective March 1: in building services, foreman Milton Brown, after 26 years; in support services, utility worker Stephen Ragolia, after 29 years.

Effective April 1: in maintenance, project manager David Blydenburgh, after 26 years; in dining services, senior cook Charles Keith, after 43 years.