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Photo of: Fran Hulette



Name: Fran Hulette.

Position: Class notes editor for the Princeton Alumni Weekly. Acting as the contact at the magazine for the 80 class secretaries for each active Princeton class. Compiling and editing material for the magazine’s column about each class and for the memorials. Finding an old photograph for the “From the Archives” section. Proofreading each issue.

Quote: “By editing the class notes section, I get to meet a lot of really great people. I especially enjoy working with the older alumni — these gentlemen are from a totally different era, and they are fun to know. A few of them, like the secretary for the class of 1932, deliver their column to me in person for every issue.”

Other interests: Learning rug hooking. Running a mothers’ group. Traveling with her husband, Doug, and their children, Elisabeth, Chris and Stephanie.

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March: Howie Kiser, 77 (1971-1993, Alumni Council).