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Index of Christian Art

Princeton NJ -- The Index of Christian Art, housed in McCormick Hall, was founded by Professor Charles Rufus Morey in 1917. The index records works of art produced without geographical limitations from early apostolic times up to A.D. 1400.

• A total of 17 different media are represented in the archive, including manuscripts, metalwork, sculpture, painting and glass.

• At the time of Morey’s death in 1955, the index had a collection of some 500,000 cards and slightly fewer than 100,000 photographs. The index presently can provide access to complex information on approximately 200,000 photographic reproductions of Christian art. About 1,000 new works of art are added every year to the archive.

• The computerization program of the index was established in 1991. The Internet database now contains more than 20,000 works of art records that are accompanied by more than 60,000 images in color and black and white.

• Each year several thousand scholars use the index, either visiting it in person or online.

• For most of its history, the index has focused on the art of the Western world. Over the last 20 years, however, there has been an increasing interest in medieval art of the Near East, and the index is sponsoring a conference on this topic April 8-9 (see <ica.princeton.edu/conferences.html>)

Source: Index of Christian Art Web site <ica.princeton.edu/>.