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Parking administration merged

Princeton NJ -- In an effort to streamline service to the campus community, the administration of the University’s parking system has been merged with the responsibilities of the TigerCard office.

Faculty, staff and students should now contact the TigerCard office for information on campus parking regulations, obtaining a permit/decal and paying or appealing a parking ticket. These activities formerly were under the administration of the Department of Public Safety, although both TigerCard and parking have shared the same location on the A level of New South.

The TigerCard office was created last year to provide centralized management of the operations and services that use the TigerCard, the University’s ID card that also allows access to various campus facilities and resources.

“Our aim is to fully integrate the parking and TigerCard offices to make it easier for people to have their needs met through a single service center in New South,” said Paul Breitman, general manager for University Services, to whom the TigerCard office reports.

Elisabeth Dahlen, director of the TigerCard office, and Kathleen Bozowski, customer service manager, will play key roles in handling the integration. Plans include offering solutions on the Web for parking services.

Enforcement of the University’s parking policy will remain with the Department of Public Safety. The department also will continue to control vehicular access to the main campus between the two booths on Elm Drive. Temporary parking in this area is restricted to those with “O” and “ES” decals or holders of AV cards. Others with a compelling reason to park temporarily — or have their visitors park — in this area should make their requests with 24 hours advance notice by e-mailing <special-parking@princeton.edu>.

For more information on parking, visit the TigerCard office Web site at <web.princeton.edu/sites/tigercard/> or call 258-5436.