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By the numbers

Undergraduate concentration patterns

Undergraduate concentration patterns have remained fairly constant over the years. As of Oct. 1, 2004, about 43 percent of Princeton juniors and seniors were concentrating in just five academic departments:

Department ... Number of concentrators

Politics ... 250

History ... 247

Economics ... 223

Woodrow Wilson School ... 164

English 128

The Office of the Dean of the College is spearheading an initiative to educate students about Princeton's range of majors. One part of that effort is the publication this month of a book, ''Major Choices,'' that highlights the successes students have realized by majoring in one of the University's 29 other departments (see story in this issue).

The five academic departments with the lowest numbers of concentrators currently are:

Department ... Number of concentrators

Slavic languages/literatures ... 6

German ... 8

Astrophysical sciences ... 9

French and Italian ... 14

Spanish and Portuguese languages/cultures ... 14

Source: Office of the Registrar