William Boyle


Name: William Boyle.

Position: Security officer at the University Art Museum. Protecting the collections. Assisting visitors. Performing first aid.

Quote: "I enjoy art, especially the religious art of the Italian Renaissance. One of the things I like the most about Princeton is the squirrels. They are just great to interact with."

Other interests: Traveling in Europe and Asia with his wife, Lourdes. Collecting autographs and old books. Reading World War II suspense novels and historical fiction.


The American Association for the Advancement of Science elected four Princeton scientists as fellows in recognition of their efforts to advance science and its applications.

Daniel Rubenstein, professor and chair of ecology and evolutionary biology, was elected to the AAAS section on biological sciences. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, the William and Edna MacAleer Professor of Engineering and Applied Science and professor of computer science, was elected to the section on information, computing and communication. Elected to the section on physics were Russell Hulse, principal research physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and Frank Stillinger, senior technical staff member in chemistry.


The Australian Academy of Sciences has awarded its 2004 Lemberg Fellowship to Charles Dismukes, professor of chemistry. The fellowship provides funds for traveling to Australia and for giving lectures and visiting scientific institutions.

Dismukes' research interests include the design of catalysts that will permit sunlight to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The designs are based on naturally occurring enzymes that oxidize water during photosynthesis.


The staff of EQuad News has received two Silver Quill awards from the Philadelphia chapter of the Inter-national Association of Business Communicators.

EQuad News received the two highest awards presented in the feature writing category. Both were awards of merit. Contributors include staff members from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Office of Communications as well as freelance writers.

The first feature award recognizes the series "Pioneer research blazes trail," which appeared in the summer 2002 issue. The series was written by Sara Peters and Steven Schultz. The second feature award recognizes the series "Meeting in uncharted waters," which appeared in the fall 2002 issue. This series was written by Peters, Schultz, Peter Page and David Barry. Both were edited by Ann Haver-Allen and Alicia Brzycki.

Entries were judged on how well they met the goals and objectives identified in the communications plan. These two awards bring the total to 10 received this year by the staff of EQuad News in recognition of excellence in meeting strategic communications goals and objectives.


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