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Computer statistics

Princeton NJ -- The University's e-mail system has grown dramatically, as has the challenge of maintaining and protecting it. According to the University's Office of Information Technology:

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• The number of incoming and outgoing e-mails handled per day grew from 25,000 in the mid-1990s to 500,000 today. Just in the last year, the number of e-mails handled per day has grown by more than 200,000.

• During January, OIT software stripped 168,145 virus attachments from incoming e-mails.

• Software used by OIT has combated about 700,000 viruses and worms since 2000.

• The University blocks about 100,000 spam e-mails a day.

• The University is subject annually to more than 100 "denial-of-service" attacks, in which hackers disable a system by overwhelming it with frivolous commands.

• One element of keeping computers' data safe is to store backup copies; OIT regularly backs up more than 7,000 computers, storing 88 trillion bytes of compressed data.


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