Geraldine Rhodes
Geraldine Rhodes (photo: Denise Applewhite)

Name: Geraldine Rhodes.

Position: Faculty assistant in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Serving as the assistant to Michael Oppenheimer, the Albert Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, and David Wilcove, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and public affairs and the director of the Program in Environmental Studies. Managing the professors’ calendars. Scheduling travel and academic conferences. Assisting with course materials. Maintaining files.

Quote: “The interaction with my professors and their fields of expertise leads to a very busy and exciting workday. In helping them I am learning about issues such as the scope of climate change and the effect it has on our daily lives.”

Other interests: Spending time with her grandchildren, 6-year-old Shane, 4-year-old Cole and 1-year-old Kailee. Traveling, crocheting and knitting. Attending Broadway shows and local theater productions. Participating in monthly book club discussions.

Four faculty members submit resignations

The following faculty members have submitted their resignations:

Effective July 1, 2009: Tamsin Shaw, assistant professor of politics, to accept a position at New York University; Ron Weiss, associate professor of electrical engineering, to accept a position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Effective Sept. 1, 2009: Fei-Fei Li, assistant professor of computer science, to accept a position at Stanford University; Max Lieblich, assistant professor in mathematics, to accept a position at the University of Washington.

Staff obituaries

Retired employees

March: Elizabeth Graydon, 89 (1962-1984, library); Arthur Muhlbacher, 87 (1975-1986, plasma physics lab); Joseph Sherlock Jr., 85 (1955-1986, plasma physics lab).

April: Goldie Foden, 89 (1958-1981, machine shop); Louis Happ, 71 (1972-1994, maintenance); Kenneth Leidy, 94 (1974-1984, library); Paul Walsh, 88 (1972-1988, alumni and donor records).