Charlotte Zanidakis (photo: Brian Wilson)

Name: Charlotte Zanidakis.

Position: Academic program administrator in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences. Managing the undergraduate and graduate programs in the department. Monitoring students’ fulfillment of academic requirements and funding for graduate students. Addressing any issues concerning the students.

Quote: “I have been fortunate to have worked at Princeton for more than 25 years in other departments. Astrophysics has been wonderful — there is a very congenial and productive atmosphere. My interest in academia has grown so much that I returned to school and will graduate this spring from Drexel University with a master’s degree in higher education administration.”

Other interests: Gardening. Antiquing. Traveling with her husband, Ted, especially to Greece.

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Staff retirements

Effective Jan. 1: in maintenance, assistant to the director Elaine Chapman, after 36 years; in the paint shop, assistant shop supervisor James Meskill, after 39 years.

Effective Feb. 1: in building services, janitor Julia Davila, after 29 years; in building services, janitor Pearl Holloway, after 28 years.

Effective March 1: in the University Center for Human Values, assistant director Jan Logan, after 21 years.

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Current employees

December: Jill Scurato, 53 (1988-2008, library).

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October: Elizabeth Maclean, 94 (1962-1979, library); Joseph Pikulski, 91 (1964-1980, plasma physics lab).

November: Arthur Beach, 88 (1953-1985, maintenance); Thomas Devine, 73 (1957-1995, plasma physics lab).

December: Ann Huizing, 92 (1965-1987, library).