A Princeton Profile

The latest edition of the University’s “Profile” publication, which is available in print and online, answers the most frequently asked questions about Princeton and provides audiences across the country and the world with a snapshot of the diverse resources available to members of the campus community.

To view the Profile online, visit www.princeton.edu/profile. Copies of the Profile are available for purchase at cost by contacting the Office of Communications at 258-3601. According to the publication:

• Fifty-six percent of the class of 2012 is on financial aid, and more than half of all undergraduates receive aid. Princeton provides students with grants — not loans — to meet the full demonstrated financial need. Domestic and international students are admitted without regard to their financial circumstances.

• Princeton’s faculty — including visitors and part-time faculty — has more than 1,160 members, of which nearly half are tenured professors and associate professors. All faculty members are expected to teach as well as engage in scholarly research. They work most closely with undergraduates in the supervision of junior-year independent work and senior theses.

• Scholarship and research are essential aspects of the University. Each year the members of the faculty publish more than 2,000 scholarly documents. External sources funded more than 1,250 separate projects in 2007-08 (not including the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory). There were 555 sponsored projects in the natural sciences, 430 in engineering and applied science, 162 in the humanities and social sciences, and 106 in centers, institutes and nondepartmental programs.

• Princeton alumni contribute extensively to the life of the campus, with more than 18,000 alumni and their families returning annually for Reunions. There are approximately 82,840 living Princeton alumni, including some 22,300 women and 23,000 alumni of the Graduate School. Princeton graduates live in all 50 states and 117 countries. In a typical year, more than 10,000 volunteers work for Princeton in class and regional association activities, fundraising, programs in the local schools, a career network and internship program, and community service. Currently, there are 165 Princeton regional associations throughout the world.