Jamie Goodbinder (photo: John Jameson)

Name: Jamie Goodbinder.

Position: Assistant to Janet Rapelye, the dean of admission. Providing administrative support and coordinating workflow. Planning meetings and travel schedules. Prioritizing e-mail and other correspondence. Communicating with alumni, current and prospective students, guidance counselors, parents and staff members in other University offices.

Quote: “I worked with Janet at Wellesley College for 12 years when she was the dean of admission there, and I came here last year to work with Janet again. It has been exciting to learn someplace new. I love discovering new parts of the campus and meeting new people.”

Other interests: Traveling to London and other destinations with her partner, Susan Coburn. Attending opera and theater performances in New York City. Reading historical fiction.

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Employee retirements

Effective June 1: in the plasma physics lab, janitor Wilbert Barlow, after 16 years; in dining services, food service staff member Charles Wilder, after 21 years.

Effective July 1: in the plasma physics lab, head of site protection John Bavlish, after 15 years; in the library, senior bibliographic specialist Karin Bowden, after 37 years; in building services, foreman Clement Decle, after 23 years; in the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, business coordinator Geraldine Horner, after 36 years.

Effective Aug. 1: in the paint shop, painter Michael Didonato, after 28 years; in the plasma physics lab, service staff member Joseph Dolobacs, after 46 years; in physics, assistant department manager for academic affairs Rochelle Krohnengold, after 31 years; in the plasma physics lab, principal engineer Phyllis Roney, after 28 years.

Effective Sept. 1: in alumni and donor records, data management support staff member Susan Brown, after 18 years; in alumni and donor records, data management support staff member Rhonda Edwards, after 11 years; in ecology and evolutionary biology, senior research scholar Rosemary Grant, after 23 years; in molecular biology, professional specialist Karen Malatesta, after 21 years; in dining services, retail food service staff member Barbara Potts, after 14 years; in psychology, academic support staff member Carole Zaffarese, after 21 years.