Weekly Bulletin
September 27, 1999
Vol. 89, No. 3

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Shapiro offers fanfare for '03
Prizes reward excellence
Math helps explain protein folding
Macedo to direct program in Law, Public Affairs
Registrar Broh to go to COFHE
Summer labors
Water, water everywhere
ERISA information
Grants available



Complete descriptions of positions are available in the Office of Human Resources, Clio Hall, at other campus locations and on the World Wide Web at Due to space limitations, all job qualifications, including physical requirements, may not be listed below.

For job information call (609) 258-6130. To apply for a current job, send application to Human Resources, Clio Hall, Princeton University, Princeton NJ 08544 (include two resumes when applying for administrative staff), unless otherwise noted. Internal candidates must include transfer/promotion form. Employment office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

*New listing.

Administrative and related staff

*Administrative assistant. Requires excellent organizational and writing skills; ability to work with people, numbers, and Microsoft Word and Excel; and independence. Grade 3. Salary minimum: $31,459. Dean of the Faculty Req. 6006/99-0500LO

Art director/production manager. Princeton Alumni Weekly Req. 5239/99-0405JH

Assistant dean for development. Grade 7. Salary minimum: $47, 298. Engineering, Applied Science Req. 7007/99-0492LO

Assistant director. Grade 6. Salary minimum: $41,667. McGraw Center for Teaching, Learning Req. 5201/99-0495LO

Assistant editor. Grade 2. Princeton Alumni Weekly Req. 70622/99-0466JH

Assistant grants manager. Grade 1. Salary minimum: $27,997. Molecular Biology Req. 4919/99-0494LO

Assistant manager. Grade 1/2. Salary minimum: $27,997/$29,422. Dining Services Rockefeller/Mathey Req. 99-0452PP

Associate director. Grade 7. Salary minimum: $47,298. Leadership Gifts Req. 3998/99-0489LO

Associate director. Grade 6. Development Communications Req. 5245/99-0372JH.

*Computer programmer/system administrator. Requires ability to install, configure, support and troubleshoot desktop and server applications; work in team environment; and meet deadlines. Registrar Req. 7015/99-0478PP

*Construction contract administrator. Requires BA in business or related discipline; excellent organizational skills; and three years of construction contract administration experience. Grade 4. Salary minimum: $33,285. Vice President for Facilities Req. 99-0329PP

Contract analyst. Grade 3. Salary minimum: $31,459. Vice President for Facilities Req. 5090PP

Director, Frist Campus Center. Grade 8. Dean of Student Life Req. 4593/99-0425LO

Director of administrative reviews and assistant to vice president. Grade 7/8. Vice President for Finance, Administration Req. 99-0433PP

*Educational outreach manager. Requires MA in physical sciences, good communication skills, and ability to maintain and create material for Web using HTML. Grade 4. Salary minimum: $33,784. Geosciences Req. 3337/99-0499LO

Executive assistant and office manager. Grade 3. Salary minimum: $31,459. Human Resources Req. 7058PP

Graduate program administrator. Grade 1. Salary minimum: $27,997. Economics Req. 7079/99-0496AR

HRMS implementation specialist. Grade: 3/4. Salary minimum: $31,459/$33,784. Human Resources Req. 7051PP

Health and safety specialist. Grade 2/3. Salary minimum: $29,422/$31,459. Environmental Health, Safety Req. 99-0487PP

*Programmer/analyst. Requires excellent analytical and organizational skills; experience with Peoplesoft HR, PeopleTools; knowledge of SQL, ORACLE and Windows; and ability to work well under pressure, in teams and independently. CIT/Distributed Management Systems Req. 99-0271PP

Senior technical support staff. Salary minimum: $ 41,131. Princeton Materials Institute Req. 4498/99-0426-LO

Senior writer. Grade 5. Development Communications Req. 5243/99-0373JH.

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Application development administrator. Facilities Information Systems Req. 3961PP

Assistant dean for information technology. Woodrow Wilson School Req. 5065/990325LO

Senior technical support staff II. Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering Req. 3867LO

Systems coordinator. Undergraduate Admission Req. 5213/99-0348AR

Systems, database administrator. Facilities Information Systems Req. 3962PP

Professional technical

Send letter of application to Andy Rosenau, 87 Prospect Ave. (fax 609-258-3943, e-mail, unless otherwise noted.

Manager of collaboration services. Tivoli development and testing specialist. UNIX systems programmer. Computing, Information Technology

Research assistant/technician. Molecular Biology

*Research assistant/technician. Requires BA. Rank and salary dependent upon qualifications and experience. Send resume to Research/Tech/DN Search, Molecular Biology, Lewis Thomas Lab.

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Computing support specialist; X-ray facilities manager.

Departmental computing support person.

Manager, computing facilities.

NT/Unix system programmer.

Lab and shop

Lab assistant III. Grade 5. Salary minimum $25,470. Psychology Req. 4404/99-0435

Storeroom attendant I. Grade LT030. Salary minimum: $21,105. Geosciences Req. 3336/99-0453LO

Maintenance and service

Catering field representative. Ten-month position. Salary minimum: $21,163 Dining Services Req. 99-0404PP

Equipment operator I. Salary: $13.95/hr. Probationary salary: $12.97/hr. Grounds, Buildings Maintenance Req. 99-0387PP

HVAC mechanic welder/pipefitter welder. Salary: $20.89/hr. Probationary salary: $19.43/hr. Grounds, Buildings Maintenance Req. 99-0415PP

Janitor. Hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Salary: $11.38/hr. Probationary salary: $10.58/hr. Building Services Req. 99-0461PP

*Leadperson. Requires two years of experience in janitorial operations or equivalent combination of training and experience; ability to understand written and oral instructions, climb six-foot ladder and lift 50 pounds; and driver's license. Hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am (schedule may change to weekends). Salary: $11.95/hr. Building Services Req. 99-0462PP

Maintenance assistant (Blairstown, NJ). Salary minimum: $20,355. Princeton-Blairstown Req. 99-0450PP

Storekeeper. Salary: $11.44/hr. Probationary salary: $10.64/hr. Dining Services Rockefeller/Mathey Req. 99-0479PP

Office support

Account clerk III. Grade 9. Salary minimum: $25,061. Dining Services Req. 99-0469AR

Art cataloger. Grade 8. Salary minimum: $23,076. Art, Archeology Req. 4722/99-0497LO

Invoice processor/account clerk II. Grade 7. Salary minimum: $21,569. Treasurer, Invoice Processing Req. 99-0472AR

Library receptionist. Salary grade C. Mudd Manuscript Library Req. 2678LF

Office assistant II. Grade 5. Salary minimum: $19,134. Provost Req. 7055/99-0474AR

Office assistant IV. Grade10. Salary minimum: $27,061. Economics Req. 99-0471AR, Religion Req. 7065/99-0484AR, Treasurer Req. 99-0475AR

Office coordinator. Grade 10. Salary minimum: $27,061. Hellenic Studies Req. 7054/99-0464AR

Office specialist. Grade 9. Salary minimum: $25,061. Graduate School Req. 3950/99-0434AR, Health Services Req.6026/99-0407LO

*Secretary II. Requires experience with Microsoft Word for Windows and ability to perform work requiring lifting, carrying and climbing stairs. Ten-month position. Grade 6. Salary minimum: $20,293 FTE. Art, Archaeology Req. 6041/99-0436AR

*Secretary III. Requires good organiza-tional, interpersonal, communication and proofreading skills; and working knowledge of Word, Excel and e-mail. Typing 30 wpm. Grade 8. Salary minimum: $23, 076. Recording Secretary Req. 1294/99-0501AR

Secretary III. Grade 8. Salary minimum: $23,076. Politics Req.7070/99-0493AR, Princeton Materials Institute Req.4496/99-0485AR, Public Safety Req. 99-0470AR, Undergraduate Financial Aid Req. 7083/99-0488AR

Senior bibliographic specialist II. Salary grade G. Catalog Unit V Req. 2680LF

Special collections assistant IV. Salary grade F. Mudd Manuscript Library Req. 2677LF

Technical research secretary III. Grade 9. Salary minimum: $25.061. Economics Req. 7000/99-0456AR, Population Research Req.4042/99-0486AR

The following has been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin

Technical research secretary III/IV. Chemistry Req. 4736/98-161

Part time and temporary

Account clerk II. Fifty percent time. Grade 7. Salary minimum: $10,784.50 Princeton-Blairstown Req. 99-0473AR

Computer programmer/system administrator. Position is for two to three years. Grade 5/6. Registrar Req. 7015/99-0478PP

Food service worker, utility. Fifty percent time, 10 month positition. Salary: $10.26/hr. Probationary salary: $9.54/hr. Dining Services, Forbes Req. 99-0451PP

Intern, experiential education facilitator. Princeton-Blairstown Req. 99-0477PP

Intern, health education assistant. Fifty percent time. Health Services Req. 6010/99-0454LO

Library clerical assistant. Fifty-five percent time. Salary grade B. Psychology Library/Chemistry Library Req. 2681LF

Office assistant III (Blairstown, NJ). Fifty percent time. Salary minimum: $10,784.50. Princeton-Blairstown Req. 99-0455PP

Secretary III. Eighty percent time, 10 month position. Grade 8. Salary minimum: $14, 910. 65. Germanic Languages, Literatures Req. 3483/99-0449AR

Secretary III/office assistant. Fifty percent time. Grade 8. Salary minimum: $11,538. Operations Research, Financial Engineering Req. 4543/99-0465AR

Secretary IV. One year position, subject to annual renewal. Grade 10. Salary minimum: $27,061. General Counsel Req. 7008/99-0476AR

Senior technician. Fifty percent time, 10 month position. Grade 8. Salary minimum: $13,433.13. Architecture Req. 4766/99-0221LO

Special collections assistant II. Fifty percent time. Salary grade D. General Humanities Reference Division Req. 2679LF

Special collections assistant III. Seventy-two percent time. Salary grade E. Astrophysics Library Req. 2682 LF

Utility worker. Eighty percent time. Salary minimum: $15,148.80. CIT/Support Services/Hardware Support Req. 99-0468PP

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin

Postdoctoral position. Apply to Fred Hughson, Molecular Biology (fax: (609) 258-6730; e-mail:

Technician. Send application to T.C. Onstott, Geosciences.


Princeton University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orienta-tion, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability or status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran in any phase of its employment process. The associate provost is the individual designated by the University to coordinate its efforts to comply with equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations and laws. Questions or concerns should be directed to Associate Provost, One Nassau Hall or (609) 258-6110.