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Seminars set the tone for freshmen

In their first semester as Princeton students, freshmen this fall have been exploring issues of identity through movement and dance, evaluating truth in historical texts and examining the impact of global warming through fieldwork in the waters of Bermuda.

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Expressing identity through movement

By Emily Aronson

The afternoon began with each student revealing a distinctive physical trait: a birthmark on an arm, a bald spot caused by a childhood accident, a chicken pox scar. A few hours later, the class moved into the Wilson College dance studio, where the students and the professor took turns striding across the floor as if walking a catwalk.

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Gee inspired by story behind famed poem

By Jennifer Greenstein Altmann

Not many college students who plan to be English majors can escape a careful study of Alexander Pope’s “The Rape of the Lock.”

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Robert Gutman, sociologist devoted to the study of architecture, dies at age 81

Robert Gutman, an influential professor and critic who was part of the University’s architecture community for more than 40 years, died Nov. 23 in Princeton of a heart attack. He was 81.

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Blairstown revamps programs to better serve urban youth

By Ruth Stevens

The Princeton-Blairstown Center is in the process of a major transition with a goal of providing the nonprofit organization with sustained and better structured opportunities to empower urban youth.

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Tilghman selected as one of ‘America’s Best Leaders’

President Tilghman is one of 18 people highlighted in U.S. News & World Report as “America’s Best Leaders.”

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Testing the waters in Bermuda for global warming

By Karin Dienst

Snorkeling practice in DeNunzio Pool may be an unusual activity for a freshman seminar, unless the class is going to the Sargasso Sea.

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Promoting a fresh look at history

By Jennifer Greenstein Altmann

As he scribbled the names and dates of several Roman historians on the blackboard, Professor Marc Domingo Gygax challenged students in his freshman seminar to dig deeper.

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