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Page One
Commencement 2006
Tilghman to graduates: Carry the spirit of Princeton
Operating budget benefits from strong investment returns

Tuition grant increased for children
Princeton to disassociate from Darfur investments
New landscape marks 250th anniversary of Maclean House
University staff picnic

Faculty news
Four faculty members recognized for outstanding teaching
Fourteen new faculty members appointed
Eight faculty members transfer to emeritus status
Seven selected for endowed chairs
Promotions, resignations

Research and teaching
Princeton awarded $2.2 million for biology education
Institute fosters partnerships to help region
Tiny transmitters allow researchers to follow flies
Ward unravels bacteria’s role in global nitrogen cycle
Suburbia a rich source of scholarship for Princeton historian
Princeton scientists explore the next frontier of stem cell research

Eight named to University Board of Trustees

Calendar of events
By the numbers



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Photo of: Hannah Ross

Hannah Ross (photo by John Jameson)



Name: Hannah Ross.

Position: University counsel. Providing advice in a variety of areas, including privacy, disabilities and accommodations, compliance, real estate, health services and contractual issues.

Quote: “The incredible range of legal work for the University keeps my job interesting, and it’s rewarding to feel that I am helping make great research possible in some way. Disability law and reasonable accommodations is an area of particular interest to me, and it’s an area that the University is focusing on right now.”

Other interests: Yoga and biking. Taking trips to Terhune Orchards and the Philadelphia Zoo with her husband, Tom Adelman, and their 2-year-old daughter, Camilla.

Staff retirements

Effective May 1: in dining services, food services worker Carolyn Phillips, after 45 years; in public safety, proctor supervisor Robert Tallman, after 37 years; in building services, janitor Winston Thornton, after 15 years.

Staff obituaries

Current employees

May: Eric Johnson, 60 (1999-2006, plasma physics lab); Rose Law, 61 (1996-2006, dining services).

Retired employees

April: John Vallace, 83 (1959-1986, plasma physics lab).

May: Frances Dimmick, 79 (1980-1992, plasma physics lab); Matthew Edgar, 82 (1974-1989, plasma physics lab).