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The senior thesis
Chyba weighs in on topics ranging from planetary life to nuclear proliferation

The senior thesis
Searching for life elsewhere in the solar system — from campus
Tracing jazz’s evolution from the club to the classroom

Clinton named Class Day speaker
Fieldstone, limestone and slate: Work progresses on Whitman
Students, faculty, staff enjoy first ‘Pub Night’ at Chancellor Green
Communiversity set for April 29

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Students, faculty, staff enjoy first ‘Pub Night’ at Chancellor Green

Princeton NJ — The first “Pub Night” at the Chancellor Green Café on April 14 brought together students, faculty and staff for an evening of conversation, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, food and jazz.

“It was the kind of evening we had imagined — a wonderful cross section of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students in conversation and enjoying beer and/or a glass of wine,” said Amy Campbell, special assistant to the vice president for campus life.

The Pub Night was part of a pilot proposal to test the feasibility of student requests to establish a permanent campus bar. The University was hoping to host additional events on April 28, May 12 and May 19, but questions have been raised by local authorities about the permits issued and more discussion is expected.

The Pub Night was open to members of the University community age 21 or older, and all patrons were required to show a Princeton I.D. and government-issued identification to enter. Dining Services provided the beverages and food, while the costs not covered through the sale of beverages and food were underwritten by the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.

“The hope is that the Pub Nights become a social gathering place akin to Café Vivian or Murray-Dodge Café on campus,” said Janet Dickerson, vice president for campus life.

“The hope is that the Pub Nights become a social gathering place akin to Café Vivian or Murray-Dodge Café on campus,” said Janet Dickerson, vice president for campus life.

Junior Elizabeth Linder and some of her fellow members of Colonial Club stopped by for a glass of wine before dinner on April 14.

“The new Chancellor Green pub was indeed everything I would hope Princeton would offer: It rose to a maturity level that I believe college students appreciate, but often do not get the chance to enjoy due to a lack of options,” she wrote in an e-mail to Dickerson following the event. “This evening proved that Princeton can — and did — change those options, and I believe did so flawlessly.

“After an entire day spent researching in Rare Books, it was such a lovely repose with fellow Princetonians, much along the lines of the ambiance we enjoy with our parents or during the summers while we are pursuing internships, as opposed to the stereotypical college night ‘on the Street’ that is often simply too much for many students to truly enjoy,” she added.

A committee made up of students and administrators began planning the events after undergraduates seeking social alternatives to the eating clubs brought their concerns to the attention of Dickerson’s office last spring.

While the University typically has given permission to groups to serve alcohol to students of legal drinking age on a single-event basis, the Pub Committee recommended four “themed” event nights where alcohol would be served in a pub atmosphere: Opening Night, Latin Night, Italy-France Wine Night and Beers of the World Night.

At Opening Night, patrons could purchase beer selections for $2.50 and $3, and wine by the glass for $4.25, in addition to bar fare such as nachos and chicken wings. The initial event ran from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Based on feedback, the organizers may consider some changes in the hours as well as enhancements to the food menu.

“This presents our community with another social option, and we do hope that the pub serves as a model for responsible alcohol consumption on campus,” Dickerson said. “If the Pub Nights can provide an opportunity for members of our community to have a good time while enjoying safe drinking behavior, then it will have enjoyed a measure of success.”

The Pub Committee intends to use the Pub Nights to evaluate the feasibility of future events where alcohol is served on campus. The committee is made up of staff from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, Dining Services, Conference Services, the Frist Campus Center, the Graduate School, the Office of the Vice President of Campus Life and also undergraduate students, some of whom are members of the Undergraduate Student Government.