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Record number of students apply for class of 2010
Universities fill dual role as servant and critic

Online journal offers ‘report on knowledge’
Astronomers discover smallest planet outside solar system
Researchers develop new method for studying ‘mental time travel’
University to contribute $1 million to Princeton Borough

Betterton announces plans to retire, Moscato named financial aid director
Peralta receives Sachs scholarship for study at Oxford
Fields memoir chronicles work at Princeton
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Nassau notes
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Photo of: Kaitlin Lutz

Kaitlin Lutz



Name: Kaitlin Lutz.

Position: Administrator for alumni education in the Alumni Council. Planning, organizing and executing educational programs for alumni, including online home study programs, two annual lecture series held on campus, an online book club and a speakers bureau program, which sends faculty members to meet with regional alumni associations all over the United States.

Quote: “Alumni truly love Princeton, and it’s great to see how excited they are about the programs we offer. I enjoy being able to share the incredibly rich and diverse knowledge of Princeton faculty members with alumni all over the world.”

Other interests: Doing yoga. Sailing. Attending jazz performances. Spending time at the Jersey shore and on the coast of Maine.