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B.J. Kennedy


Name: B.J. Kennedy.

Position: Applications specialist in the Office of Development. Answering all computer-related questions for the office’s staff. Offering training for computer programs such as Excel, Microsoft Word and e-mail.

Quote: “This is far and away the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. Where else can I get away with making people laugh this much? To quote Mary Poppins, my job is to ‘find the fun.’”

Other interests: Completing home renovation products. Going on weeklong camping trips in the South. Dancing to jazz and blues music.

Staff retirements

Effective Dec. 1: in the mason shop, mason Mathias Hafenmaier, after 20 years.

Effective Jan. 1: in the utility plant, lead engineer Sanford Becker, after 31 years; in building services, janitor Marvin Bradshaw, after 25 years; in the University League, administrative assistant Dolores Carril, after 22 years; in the library, shipping and receiving assistant Robert Conrad, after 38 years; in dining services, sous chef John Cross, after 44 years; in molecular biology, lab assistant Cheng Ping Han, after 16 years; in public safety, parking manager Connie Hensley, after 16 years; in the plasma physics lab, managing principal research physicist Francis Perkins Jr., after 38 years; in comparative literature, department manager Carol Szymanski, after 30 years.

Effective Feb. 1: in the plasma physics lab, technical associate James Gorman, after 25 years; in the library, librarian Maryann Langer, after 25 years; in Frick/special facilities, maintenance supervisor George Persichetti, after 28 years; in enterprise infrastructure services, database administrator Audrey Wright, after 23 years.

Staff obituaries

Current employees

November: Robert Cornell, 54 (1978-2004, paint shop).

January: Saye Yeanafehn, 47 (1992-2005, building services).

Retired employees

December: James Mohr, 76 (1966-1993, dining services);

January: Vincenzo Cifelli, 79 (1970-1990, building services); Beverly Hodanish, 70 (1981-2004, East Asian studies); Dorothy Schoch, 83 (1974-1984, human resources).