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By the numbers

Princeton alumni living abroad

During fall break, President Tilghman and a small University delegation traveled to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul, and spent a considerable amount of the trip meeting with Princeton alumni and friends in those cities.

According to the Office of the Alumni Association:

• Nearly 5,800 Princeton alumni -- both expatriates and non-U.S. citizens -- currently live outside of the United States.

• The Princeton Club of India holds the distinction of being the oldest regional association, founded in 1915.

• A total of 44 clubs and associations -- ranging in size from three alumni in Katmandu, Nepal, to 1,084 alumni in Canada -- now sponsor a variety of activities, from welcome receptions for incoming freshmen to cultural events for alumni and parents, from career networking, community service and young alumni activities to summer work programs for current students.

• In 1993, the Alumni Schools Committee, under the guidance of Henry Von Kohorn, a 1966 alumnus, began recruiting international ASC chairs, a network that has grown to 81 countries on six continents.

• In 2002, the University's youngest regional association, the Princeton Club of Shanghai, came into existence. It followed closely on the heels of the reactivated Princeton Club of Beijing, recognized as the Alumni Association's first ''virtual community.''