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Student Publications Center


Junior and sophomore at workstation

Junior Sarah Kiernan (foreground) and sophomore Ana Book work on an issue of The Daily Princetonian in the new Student Publications Center.

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students recently held an event celebrating the opening of the renovated 48 University Place. The building, now known as the Student Publications Center, houses all of the student publications organizations.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Princeton Student Agencies Director Sean Weaver noted that:

• The building is now home to 23 student publications groups. Previously, three main publications (The Daily Princetonian, the Yearbook Agency and the Facebook Agency) and about 10 other organizations (including some publications groups) had offices there.

• Two of the larger student publications groups in the building, along with The Daily Princetonian, are Business Today and The Nassau Weekly.

• The renovated building has two large conference rooms, two shared computer and office suites and one large computer layout room.

• According to figures provided by 14 of the 23 groups now housed there, about 400 students produce 238 issues of various publications from the building in a year.


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