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Eight assistant professors have received preceptorships for three years, starting July 1: In Classics, John Ma (Jonathan Edwards Preceptor); in English, Mark Hansen (Robert K. Root Preceptor); in History, Andrew Isenberg (Christian Gauss Fund Preceptor); in Politics, Patrick Deneen (Laurance S. Rockefeller Preceptor) and Keith Whittington (John Maclean Jr. Presidential Preceptor); in Religion, Leora Batnitzky (Richard Stockton Preceptor); and in the Woodrow Wilson School, Joshua Goldstein (Richard Allen Lester Preceptor) and Kenneth Schultz (Arthur H. Scribner Preceptor).


At its quarterly meeting on April 15, the board of trustees approved the following reappointments.


Elizabeth Bogan, senior lecturer in Economics, has been reappointed for five years, and Gwee-Sook Kim, senior lecturer in East Asian Studies, has been reappointed for three years, both as of July 1.

Assistant professors

For three years, beginning July 1: in Architecture, Thomas Dandelet; in Chemistry, Martinus Nooijen; in History, Andrew Isenberg and Richard Turits; in Mathematics, Izabella Laba and John Stalker; and in the Woodrow Wilson School, John Oliver.

For a one-year extension: in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Laura Landweber (beginning July 1), and in the Woodrow Wilson School, Deborah Yashar (beginning July 1, 2001).

For one year, beginning July 1: in History, Eileen Scully; in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Minh Phan; and in Romance Languages and Literatures, Soraya Tlatli.

Trustees appoint assistant professors

The following assistant professors have been appointed to the faculty.

In Classics, Mark Buchan is interested in Greek literature and critical theory. He has a 1988 BA and 1991 MA from Cambridge University and 1995 MA and 1996 PhD degrees from the University of Michigan. A postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern from 1997 to 1999, he has been acting assistant professor at the University of Washington for the past year.

Also in Classics, Joshua Katz studies historical and comparative linguistics. A lecturer at Princeton since 1998, he has a 1991 BA from Yale University, 1993 MA from Oxford University and 1998 PhD from Harvard University.

In Computer Science, David August, who has been an instructor at Princeton since 1999, is interested in compilers and computer architecture. He earned his 1993 BS at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his 1996 MS and 2000 PhD at the University of Illinois, Urbana.

Also in Computer Science, Vivek Pai is interested in operating systems and high performance applications. At Rice University he received a 1991 BS, 1996 MS and 1999 PhD.

In Mathematics, Yi-Jen Lee, an instructor at Princeton since 1997, is interested in topology and geometry. He has a 1991 BS from National Taiwan University and 1993 MA and 1997 PhD from Harvard.

Also in Math, Igor Rodnianski's field is geometric analysis and partial differential equations. An instructor at Princeton since 1999, he has a 1993 BS and 1996 MS from St. Petersburg State University and 1999 PhD from Kansas State University.

In Politics, Adam Berinsky, who has been an instructor at Princeton since 1999, is interested in American politics. He earned his 1992 BA at Wesleyan University and 1999 PhD at Michigan.

In Psychology, J. Nicole Shelton is interested in social psychology. A postdoctoral research fellow since 1998 at Michigan, she has a 1993 BA from the College of William and Mary and 1996 MA and 1998 PhD degrees from the University of Virginia.

Also in Psychology, Frank Tong studies cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging. A postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles since 1999, he has a 1995 BS from Queen's University in Canada and 1999 PhD from Harvard.

In the Woodrow Wilson School, Elizabeth Armstrong's field is medical sociology. She has a 1989 BA from Yale University, 1993 MPA from Princeton and 1994 MA and 1998 PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. For the past year she was a Foundation Scholar at Michigan.

Also in the Woodrow Wilson School, Eric Thun is interested in comparative politics. A postdoctoral research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the past year, he has a 1990 BA from Princeton and 1999 PhD from Harvard.

All appointments are for three years, beginning July 1, except those of Armstrong, Thun and Tong, which begin September 1, and those of August, Berinsky and Pak, which began February 1 for three and a half years.