Weekly Bulletin
February 7, 2000
Vol. 89, No. 15
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Graduate School launches Centennial Fellowships


In 2000-01, the University will allocate $125,000 to enable the Graduate School to launch a new program of Centennial Fellowships.

Coupled with the Wu and Upton fellowships in Engineering, this program will provide funding on a competitive basis to graduate students in all academic divisions.

The University's commitment to the new fellowship program is expected to grow to $500,000 annually over the next four years. Plans call for it to grow further through fundraising associated with the celebration of the Graduate School Centennial, which will begin with Reunions in May.

Centennial Fellows in the natural sciences will be fully funded and will receive summer supplements or stipends for their first year. In the second through final years, students will receive stipends to supplement external and research fellowships. Centennial Fellows in the humanities and social sciences will receive awards at Princeton's honorific rate, plus an initial year of summer support.

Last year the University increased stipend funding for humanities and social science students. A science fellowship program was funded on a limited basis three years ago and expanded two years ago to 20 fellowships. According to Dean of the Graduate School John Wilson, these fellowships have helped Princeton to compete more effectively for the best graduate students.

In addition, Princeton last year revised the terms of its President's Fellowship Program, adding $1,000 to the first month's stipend and providing one year of guaranteed summer support combined with the highest stipend to all who qualified. In the sciences and engineering, the President's Fellowships were expanded to two years for qualified women and minorities.