Office of the Dean of Student Life

To: President Harold T. Shapiro
From: Janina Montero

Date: March 29, 1999

Final Report of the Committee
on the Nude Olympics

University sponsorship
Communication and forum
Banning the nude olympics and discipline
Members of the Committee


On behalf of the Committee on the Nude Olympics, I am pleased to send you the following report on our work of the past two months as well as our recommendations regarding steps needed to end the nude olympics. We also have recommendations on the wording of the policy banning the nude olympics, sanctions for ignoring the ban, and a separate disciplinary and appeals process for cases related to the nude olympics.

When you met with the committee on February 3, you stated that the University no longer finds it acceptable to allow any event of the nature of this year's nude olympics to continue and that the committee's charge was to identify appropriate actions to stop the event. After you left that meeting, committee members decided on the following course of action: