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Mysterious Princeton...

Several other novels recently have been published that blend suspense and mystery with a Princeton setting. They are:

''The Rule of Four''
by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason (Dial Books)

Two Princeton students delve into the mysteries of a 15th-century text famous for its hypnotic powers over those who study it. As they unravel the meaning of the ancient book, they discover a secret code leading to buried treasure, and more. Caldwell is a member of Princeton's class of 1998.

''Orange Crushed: An Ivy League Mystery''
by Pamela Thomas-Graham (Simon & Schuster)

A professor is found dead in the burnt-out ruins of the Afro-American studies building at Princeton, and a Harvard economics professor, convinced that his death was no accident, resolves to find out who murdered him. The author's husband is Lawrence Otis Graham, a 1983 Princeton alumnus.

''Death of a Princeton President''
by Ann Waldron (Berkley)

Melissa Faircloth, Princeton's first female president, is discovered dead in her private office closet. Shady colleagues and her hard-drinking ex-husband are just two of the possible suspects. Waldron worked at the University’s Office of Communications from 1978 to 1989.