B Y   T H E   N U M B E R S

University Research Board

The University Research Board and its administrative arm, the Office of Research and Project Administration, recently released their annual report for 2001-02. The board oversees the solicitation, acceptance and administration of research grants from government and other sources.

•In 2001-02, researchers on campus spent $130 million in sponsored research funds, an increase of $16 million from the previous year. That figure does not include expenditures at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, which conducted $77.9 million in sponsored research.

•The Department of Molecular Biology had the greatest level of sponsored research funding in 2001-02 with $24.4 million spread among 146 grants. Physics was next at $10.9 million in funding for 56 projects.

•The agency that provided the single largest amount of funding in 2001-02 was the National Institutes of Health, which supported 127 projects at an expense of $30.8 million. NIH funding grew substantially from the previous year when it was $24.9 million.

•The second largest funder was the National Science Foundation, which supported 295 projects at a cost of $25.6 million, the same amount as the previous year.

•The Office of Research and Project Administration received 105 invention disclosures from faculty and staff members and applied for 103 patents. The U.S. Patent Office issued 45 patents during 2001-02 for inventions made at Princeton.


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