Home study course offered on modern
world history this fall

Princeton NJ -- Princeton faculty, staff and alumni are invited to explore the rise of the Mongol Empire to the present day. The Princeton Alumni Association is offering a 12-week course this fall entitled "Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the Modern World From 1300 to the Present."

Each household that enrolls in this home study course will receive a course booklet, readings, lectures on tape and access to an e-mail discussion group. Those who wish to pursue their studies further can attend optional lectures, precepts and films on campus for an additional fee.

Leading this fall's course is Robert Tignor, the Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History and chair of the history department. Tignor, along with Professors Stephen Kotkin and Jeremy Adelman, will guide participants through works ranging from Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" to M.K. Gandhi's "Hind Swaraj." The three course leaders also will use a book they wrote with Professor Gyan Prakash and three other scholars entitled "Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the Modern World From the Mongol Empire to the Present." The recently published text breaks from the conventional approach of world history books in both its starting place and overall organization.

Participants may sign up at any time during the course. The e-mail discussion group began on Sept. 1 with Graham Burnett from the history department as the e-mail preceptor.

The cost is $100 per household. For more information or to register, contact Christine Hollendonner in the Alumni Council office at 258-5854 or <chollen@princeton.edu> or visit the alumni studies Web site at <alumni.princeton.edu/Education/AlumniStudies.asp>.


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