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Items that have been named for Princeton

According to "Princeton University: The First 250 Years" by Don Oberdorfer, these are some of the items that have been named for Princeton:

• Asteroid Princetonia, number 508, discovered in 1903 by astronomy professor Raymond Dugan.

• Phrygilus Princetonianus, a type of finch discovered in Patagonia in 1898.

• Princeton Glacier, which flows into Nassau Fjord, an arm of Prince William Sound in southern Alaska. It was named in 1909 by George Perkins of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.

• Mount Princeton, near Buena Vista, Colo., which was climbed and named in 1872 by a group of Princeton students on a summer field expedition. They were led by Harvard geology professor Joshua Whitney, after whom Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada range is named. At 14,197 feet, Mount Princeton is 223 feet shorter than Mount Harvard but one foot taller than Mount Yale.

• Pterygotus Princetonii, a Devonian fossil fish discovered in 1933 by professor Erling Dorf on Beartooth Butte, Wyo.

• Nassauica Dusenii, a plant first found in Patagonia in 1897.

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