B Y   T H E   N U M B E R S

Career Services

Each year, the Office of Career Services surveys seniors to gather information about their post-graduation plans. The most recent data available, collected from the Princeton class of 2000, reveal that:

• Undergraduates follow diverse paths upon graduation. Some 67 percent of last year's seniors were pursuing full-time employment, 23 percent were planning further education and the remaining 10 percent were engaged in other pursuits, such as travel, professional sports and the military.

• Among those employed as of July 2000, the largest numbers were in the consulting (37 percent) and financial services (34 percent) industries.

• Interest also was strong in the non-profit (10 percent) and manufacturing (11 percent) sectors.

• Last year's mean salary of $45,376 represented a 12-percent increase over 1999.

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