Walk to lead writing program


Kerry Walk

Princeton NJ -- Kerry Walk has been selected as director of the new Princeton Writing Program.

Walk will come to the University this summer after eight years as a writing program administrator and prize-winning teacher at Harvard University, where she currently serves as assistant director of the Harvard Writing Project, an innovative writing-in-the-disciplines program. She helps departments develop second-level writing intensive courses, trains graduate student instructors, and writes and disseminates pedagogical materials.

Walk is also a senior preceptor in the Expository Writing Program, with duties that include recruiting, mentoring and training teachers in the program, developing curriculum, maintaining the program Web sites and teaching freshman writing. Prior to assuming her current responsibilities, she served as director of writing programs in Harvard's Division of Continuing Education.

"In orientations, retreats and workshops on the teaching of writing at Harvard and other institutions, Dr. Walk has helped hundreds of faculty rethink their course design by placing writing at the center of the enterprise and organizing readings around writing assignments," wrote Nancy Weiss Malkiel, dean of the college, in a recent memo to faculty and administrators.

Walk's book, "Commenting & Grading: A Guide for College Teachers," will be published this year.

Walk had her first experiences as a writing teacher and program coordinator at the University of California-Berkeley, where she earned her Ph.D. in English literature. She holds a B.A. from Wellesley College.

The new Princeton Writing Program, approved by the faculty in December, will allow freshmen to satisfy the University writing requirement by enrolling in seminars of 12 students. The program will offer nearly 100 topic-based writing seminars that will be taught by faculty members, administrators with appropriate academic credentials, post-enrolled graduate students, scholars on post-doctoral appointments and lecturers appointed to the faculty to teach full time in the writing program.


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