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Complete descriptions of positions are available in the Office of Human Resources, Clio Hall, at other campus locations and on the World Wide Web at http://webware.princeton.edu/hr/posting.htm. Due to space limitations, all job qualifications, including physical requirements, may not be listed below.

For job information call (609) 258-6130. To apply for a current job, send application to Human Resources, Clio Hall, Princeton University, Princeton NJ 08544 (include two resumes when applying for administrative staff), unless otherwise noted. Internal candidates must include transfer/promotion form. Employment office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

*New listing.

Administrative and related staff

College administrator. Requires three years of administrative experience; and public relations, organizational, communication and computer skills. Application deadline: May 1. Grade 4. Residential Colleges Req. 0747LO

Department manager II. Requires BA or equivalent; and communication, accounting, management and computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Netscape). Position is available July 1. Grade AM020. Romance Languages Req. 0768LO

Director of development. Requires BA, interpersonal and communication skills, and five years of fundraising experience. Must be able to supervise professional and volunteer fundraisers. Grade 7. Princeton-Blairstown Req. 0764JH

Head coach, men's ice hockey. Requires BA; experience; leadership, communication and interpersonal skills; and ability to work within framework of regulations. Must have CPR and first aid certification at date of hire. Application deadline: May 12. Send resume to Gary Walters, Athletics, PO Box 71, Jadwin Gym. Athletics Req. 0743LO

Office manager/administrative assistant. Requires research and computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel). Grade 1. Development Communications Req. 0756AD

Research assistant/technician. Requires BA and experience in molecular biology, biochemistry or molecular genetics. Rank and salary commensurate with qualifica-tions. Send resume to Research Assistant/Tech Search, Molecular Biology (legloff@molbio.Princeton.edu, fax 609-258-4988).

Systems coordinator. Requires BA or equivalent experience; and organizational, writing and computing skills (Word, Excel, Access, HTML, Claris, Homesite, Front Page). Grade 2. Career Services Req.0749LO

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Assistant director Building Services Req. 0725PP

Assistant grants manager Molecular Biology Req. 0722LB

Assistant manager Dining Services Req. 0690PP, 0689PP, 99-0452PP

Associate director McGraw Center Req. 99-0495LO

Computing support specialist Molecular Biology

Director Communications Req. 686LO

Director of studies Dean of the College/Residential Colleges Req. 0701LO

Events coordinator Concert Office Req. 3687LO

Graduate administrator Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering Req. 0705LB

International graduate student adviser General Counsel Req. 4820LB

Library fiscal officer Firestone Req. 00-0703LF

Managing editor Communications Req. 687LO

Marketing manager Dining Services Req. 0727PP

Programmer analyst CIT/Information Systems Req. 0729PP

Program manager 1 Population Research Req. 704LB

Production DBA manager CIT/Information Services Req. 4941PP

Registrar Registrar Req. 00-0671LO

Sous chef Dining Services Req. 0657PP; 0658PP

Special events manager Dining Services Req. 0693PP

Systems, database administrator Facilities Information Req. 99-0345PP

Professional technical

Send application to Andy Rosenau, Computing and Information Technology, 87 Prospect Ave. (fax 609-258-3943, mailto:arosenau@princeton.edu), unless otherwise noted.

Manager, Unix systems group. Requires one year of experience managing technical environment and five years as Unix systems administrator; and systems programming experience with C, Perl, Bourne shell, C-Shell, sed and awk. Rank and salary commensurate with skills and experience. Computing, Information Technology

Systems programmer, collaboration services. Requires two years of programming and Unix systems experience. Salary and rank commensurate with background and experience. Computing, Information Technology

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Departmental computing support Computing, Information Technology

Manager of academic technology services Computing, Information Technology

Programmer, Multimedia Engineering Computation Atelier Engineering, Applied Science

Research assistant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Systems management administrator Computing, Information Technology

Lab and shop

Electronic specialist III. Requires experience working with networking technology (category 5 twisted pair copper, fiber optics and termination hardware); and occasional Tuesday to Saturday shift. CIT/Hardware Support Req. 0770PP

Storeroom attendant I. Requires shipping and receiving experience, and ability to lift 50 pounds and learn computerized inventory control systems. Grade LT030. Chemistry Req. 0744AD

The following has been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Lab assistant III Psychology Req. 4404/99-0435

Maintenance and service

Equipment operator I. Requires valid driver's license and ability to drive manual shift, service and operate tractors and attachments, and lift 100 pounds. Must be able to work flexible schedule, including weekends. Salary: $13.95/hr. (probationary salary: $12.97/hr.) Grounds, Building Req. 99-0387PP

Garage mechanic. Requires high school diploma or equivalent; driver's license; and ability to operate repair equipment, lift 70 pounds, climb12-foot ladder and work with dangerous equipment. Salary: $21.15/hr. Grounds, Building Req. 0767PP

Lead cook. Requires high school diploma; two years of experience; driver's license; and ability to lift and carry 50 pounds, and work flexible schedule including weekends. Position is located in Blairstown. Princeton-Blairstown Req. 7001PP

Leadperson. Requires two years of experience or training and experience; driver's license; and ability to climb six-foot ladder and lift 50 pounds. Salary: $11.95/hr. Building Services Req. 0617PP

Maintenance technician V. Requires high school diploma; driver's license; three years of vocational school; experience in two trades (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC); and ability to understand drawings and equip-ment service manuals. Salary: $18.30/hr. Grounds, Building Req. 0766PP

Senior maintenance technician. Requires 20 years of experience as journey level tradesman; knowledge of building regulations; and ability to train and supervise others and work with contractors. Must have maintained proficiency through regular schooling. Salary: $21.15/hr. Grounds, Building Req. 0765PP

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Building superintendent Housing Req. 0688PP

Kosher supervisor (mashgiach) Center for Jewish Life Req. 99-0554PP

Office support

Academic support II. Requires high school diploma or equivalent; three years of experience; and interpersonal, organizational and computer skills (Word, Excel, ability to learn PeopleSoft). Salary band II. Electrical Engineering Req. 0755AD

Departmental office support II. Requires high school diploma; two years of related work experience; and communication, organizational and computer skills (Word, Excel). Salary band II. Molecular Biology Req. 0750AD

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Academic support II Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering Req. 0636JO

Data management support II Molecular Biology Req. 0732AD

Departmental office support II Alumni Council Req. 99-0612JO, Religion Req.99-0582AR, Visitor, Conference Services Req. 0712AD Humanities Council Req. 0734AD Graduate School Req. 0631LO

Library office assistant II Firestone Req. 00-0719 LF, Manuscripts, Firestone Req. 0728LF

Reserve/general periodicals services coordinator. Firestone Req. LF

Secretary/receptionist Undergrad Admissions Req. 99-0542AR

Security officer I Library Access Offic Req. 00-0696LF

Special collections assistant II Fine Hall Library Req. 00-0702LF

Special collections assistant IV Rare Books Req. 00-0717LF

Special collections assistant V Geosciences, Map Library Req. 00-0695LF

Part time and temporary

Academic support staff II. Requires communication and organizational skills and ability to work under pressure. Fifty percent time. Salary band II. University Research Board Req. 739JO

Bibliographic specialist or senior biblio-graphic specialist. Requires communication and computer skills, and reading knowledge of modern European, Slavic or Middle Eastern language. Typing: 30 wpm. Salary: Grade E or F. Approval/Continuations Unit, Firestone Req. 0737 LF; Req. 0738LF

Intern. Requires enrollment in recognized social work or psychology program, some clinical experience, and availability three days per week. Position carries stipend and health insurance. Counseling Center Req. 0760LO

Intern/experiential education facilitator. Requires high school diploma and ARC lifeguard certificate. Located at Blairstown; includes housing and medical insurance. Available immediately through December. Princeton-Blairstown Req. 0751PP

Senior bibliographic specialist II. Requires communication, cataloging and analytical skills. Typing: 15 wpm. Salary grade G. Catalog Unit, Firestone Req. 0745LF

Coordinator, Princeton University Community-Based Learning Initiative. Requires BA; communication skills; two years of relevant experience; and interest in working with faculty, students and community organizations. Two-year appointment with possible renewal. Grade 3. Dean of the College Req. 0742LO

Departmental office support I. Requires office, interpersonal and communication skills. Fifty-percent time. Salary band I. Operations Research, Financial Engineering Req. 776JO

Departmental office support I. Requires interpersonal, communication, organizational and computer skills (Microsoft Office Suite). Seventy-percent time for 15 months. Partnership 2000 Req. 0771JO

Program administrator/student teaching supervisor. Requires MA, driver's license and teaching experience at elementary level. Ten-month position available from September to June. Application deadline: May 8. Grade 4. Teacher Preparation Req. 774JH

Special collections assistant II. Requires communication, interpersonal computer skills (Win95+, MS Word); and ability to lift books and move book trucks. Hours are 5:30 to 11:45 pm Mon., Wed. and Sat. or Tues., Fri. and Sun. (hours change in summer). Typing: 30 wpm. Salary grade D. Firestone Req. 0746LF; 0748 LF

Technical assistant/Web page designer. Requires knowledge of HTML, JAVA, UNIX, e-mail and Internet applications; and ability to convert between file formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, Postscript). Position is 50 percent time. Grade LT050. Operations Research, Financial Engineering Req. 775JO

The following have been advertised in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Assistant production manager Library Req. 8000/99-0564LF

Compensation and benefits administrator Human Resources Req. 0726LB

Conservation technician Firestone Library Req. 8004LF

Electronics specialist II Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering Req. 3905/99-0578LO

Intern, strength and conditioning Athletics Req. 0735LO

Library office assistant II Firestone, Interlibrary Services Req. 00-0718LF

Office assistant Civil Engineering, Operations Research Req. 0626JO, McCosh Health Center

Postdoctoral position Molecular Biology

Special collections assistant II Engineering Library Req. 00-0679LF

Technical staff Operations Research, Financial Engineering

Princeton University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability or status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran in any phase of its employment process. The associate provost is the individual designated by the University to coordinate its efforts to comply with equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations and laws. Questions or concerns should be directed to Associate Provost, One Nassau Hall or (609) 258-6110.