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Morrow to step down as associate dean of religious life

PRINCETON, N.J. – The Rev. Sue Anne Steffey Morrow, associate dean of religious life and of the chapel, will step down from her post at the end of the academic year in June.

"For more than two decades, Sue Anne has served this University with distinction. She has widened our vision of religious life and provided a deepened sense of community among us," President Shirley M. Tilghman said. "She has provided generous support to faculty, staff, alumni, community members and, most importantly, students. With her personal warmth and good humor, she has enriched our individual lives and strengthened our community ties."

Morrow, who came to the University in 1981, served first as assistant dean of the chapel and in 1988 served as acting dean of the chapel. She was promoted to her current position in 1989.

“Sue Anne Morrow embodies the highest form of compassion and love for all of humankind and has served as an indispensable asset for the Princeton community,” said sophomore Sean Cameron. “She is a noble leader who has left an indelible mark on the Princeton community.”

Morrow encouraged student involvement in the community through the Student Volunteers Council (SVC), initiated the Religious Life Council and worked closely with the University’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered (LGBT) community.

“Students’ lives have been changed and careers redirected as a result of their involvement with the Student Volunteers Council. SVC has been blessed by her commitment and dedication,” said Heddye Ducree, director of the University’s Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding. “Dean Morrow has played a significant role in helping Princeton students understand the importance of service in their individual lives, the sacredness of the call to service and to question inequities in the lives of those whose ‘nightmares come in the daytime.’"

Junior Robin Williams called Morrow “invaluable.” He said he worked with her on placing summer interns, coordinating the Community Action Program and overseeing the daily operation of SVC. “Dean Morrow has been one of the highlights of my Princeton career.”

Morrow is leaving the University to complete several academic projects, including a biography of the Rev. Dr. Edmund Steimle, class of 1930, entitled, “A Voice for Preaching,” and another work on “The Role of Religious Pluralism in the Future of Higher Education.”

Morrow is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and has contributed to religious life in higher education nationally through preaching at universities including Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Skidmore, Smith, Stanford, University of Chicago and Yale, among others. Locally, Morrow serves on the Princeton High School Choir Steering Committee, chaired the Trinity Church Choir Steering Committee, served on the Board of the Coalition for Peace Action and served as president of the Nassau Swim Club.

“It has been a blessing to work with great colleagues, inspirational students and community leaders who have helped the University and its students engage in effective service,” Morrow said. “This remarkable University will always have a place in my heart.”

Editors: A photograph is available at: http://www.princeton.edu/pr/pictures/l-r/morrow/