Financial Aid Q&A

2007-08 academic year
Tuition $33,000
Room 5,980
Board 5,000
    Total $43,980

What does it cost to attend Princeton for a year?

For the 2007-08 academic year the University charges for a resident student are: tuition, $33,000; room, $5,980; and board, $5,000.

In addition, we allow $3,395 for books and personal expenses, bringing the total to $47,375, not counting travel expenses which vary based on state (or country) of residence.

How do I estimate whether or not I might qualify for aid?

You should take advantage of the Early Estimator program that is included as part of this financial aid home page. Please go to the Early Estimator.

How do I apply for aid?

The procedure for applying for financial aid can be found at How to Apply for Financial Aid.

Will my chances of admission be diminished if I apply for aid?

You have the same chance of being admitted whether or not you apply for financial aid. Princeton has a need-blind admission policy, which means that our Admission Office evaluates student academic and extra-curricular credentials without consideration of a family's financial circumstances. This policy covers all applicants for admission, including international students.

Do you give scholarships for academic merit, special talents or athletic ability?

Princeton grant funds are allocated solely on an evaluation of a student's need. We do not offer merit aid.

If I do qualify for aid, what percentage of my need are you likely to meet?

Princeton meets 100 percent of the calculated need of each aid applicant based on an individual evaluation by a financial aid counselor.

How much will I be required to borrow?

No Princeton student has been required to borrow as part of their basic aid package since 2001-02. At that time Princeton made an important change in its aid policy by eliminating student loans from initial aid awards. You may still request a student loan if you need to either replace a shortfall in your expected student earnings or to cover expenses not included in the standard student budget.

How many hours per week do you expect me to work?

The typical work expectation for a freshman is 7.5 hours per week. We have found that this modest work requirement leaves sufficient time for a student to do his or her academic work and also participate in an extracurricular activity.

What is your policy if I win an outside scholarship?

Except for federal and state entitlement grants, outside scholarships first reduce the term-time job and summer savings portion of a student's package. Princeton grant funds are reduced only after these are eliminated. Since Princeton meets 100 percent of the financial need of its students, all outside scholarships must be reported and included within the financial aid award.

What is your policy towards renewing my aid after freshman year? Do I have to maintain a minimum GPA?

For each year of attendance at Princeton, a student submits a new financial aid application which is evaluated according to the same rules that were in effect when the student was admitted. Since Princeton's costs increase each year, for the typical family the financial aid package is usually increased to keep pace. However, in instances where a family's financial circumstances vary a great deal, either for better or worse, the amount of financial aid will also fluctuate.

There is no minimum GPA requirement to remain on financial aid, but the student must continue to maintain satisfactory academic progress.


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