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December 6, 1999
Vol. 89, No. 11
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Physics for all mind-sets
Campaign reaches goal; important needs remain
Miss New Jersey

Four professors join tenured faculty
Trustees appoint 14 assistant professors
Honored: William Lockwood, McCarter Theatre's special programming director
Color of Success: Third World Center welcomed Afeni Shakur
Obituaries of retired employees

Nassau Notes
Holiday volunteers opportunities


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Physics for all mind-sets


Anyone meeting with Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching, is apt to learn something about her special area of expertise -- pulsars -- even if they were just stopping by for a chat.
    She might happen to mention, for instance, that the amount of energy used to pick up a newspaper is a million times more energy than a radio telescope receives from all known pulsars in a year. Or that the material in a pulsar is so dense that a thimble-full would weigh as much as all of humanity, or about six billion people. Pulsars, Bell Burnell explains, are the remains of a star after it has exploded. [>>more]

Campaign reaches goal; important needs remain

Princeton's 250th Anniversary Campaign has reached its goal -- but it's not over.
    Though the University passed the $900 million mark nearly eight months before its target date of June 30, 2000, there are still several projects that have not been fully funded, according to Van Zandt Williams, vice president for development. [>>more]

Four professors join tenured faculty

At the November 20 board meeting, the trustees approved the appointment of four new full professors to the faculty:
    Carol Armstrong to the Doris Stevens Professorship in Women's Studies, Roland Benabou to the Economics Department and the Woodrow Wilson School, and Nigel Smith to the English Department, as of September 1; and Susan Fiske to the Psychology Department, starting July 1, 2000. [>>more]


Miss New Jersey

Most students at Princeton do not have their own business managers. Most also do not appear in front of 20 million people in a bathing suit and an evening gown. But as Miss New Jersey, Victoria Paige '01 has done both those things.
    The appearance in front of 20 million people was part of the Miss America pageant held this past Labor Day. And the contest, in which she was a top 10 finalist, was only part of Paige's duties as Miss New Jersey, a title she earned last June.
    In addition to wearing her crown, Paige is also an economics major who fits in studying, attending classes and socializing amidst a hectic schedule of speeches, personal appearances and press interviews. [>>more]

United Way
The University's United Way campaign continues through December 10. Among the recipients of United Way funds are the Rescue Mission of Trenton and Princeton Nursery School.

The Rescue Mission provides emergency shelter space and an ongoing residential program with health care and prescription services for needy members of the community. Members of the residential program, like the pizza baker with University United Way volunteers Joann Blackman of Firestone Library (l) and Jan Everett of Development Research, learn skills to enable them to reenter the work force.
    Princeton Nursery School (r) provides a preschool program primarily for the residents of the Witherspoon Street area of Princeton, at low or no cost to parents, as well as ongoing support in the areas of nutrition, health, and parental rights and responsibilities. Michael Cross of Athletics (r) was one of among a group of University United Way volunteers who visited the two sites for a firsthand look at some of the many facilities and programs that benefit from United Way of Greater Mercer County. (Photos by Denise Applewhite)