Weekly Bulletin
December 6, 1999
Vol. 89, No. 11
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Campaign reaches goal; important needs remain
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Four professors join tenured faculty
Trustees appoint 14 assistant professors
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Color of Success: Third World Center welcomed Afeni Shakur
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Trustees appoint 14 assistant professors

The following 14 assistant professors were appointed to the faculty by the trustees at their November 20 meeting.

In Architecture, Jesse Reiser's field of specialization is architectural design. He earned a 1981 BArch from Cooper Union and 1984 MArch from Cran-brook Academy of Art. In 1985 he was a fellow in architecture at the Ameri-can Academy in Rome. President of Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture PC since 1985, he has been adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University since 1992.

In Computer Science, Mona Singh is interested in computational molec-ular biology. After receiving a 1989 BA and MS from Harvard University and a 1995 PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton for two years. Since 1997 she has been a postdoctoral fellow at MIT.

In Economics, Markus Brunnermeier's area is finance. A 1993 graduate of the University of Regens-burg with a 1994 MA from Vanderbilt University, he earned his PhD in 1999 at the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London. Since 1997 he has been an instructor at the London School of Economics, as well as a research assistant for the Financial Markets Group.

Also in Economics, Elie Tamer works on econometrics. His 1992 BS and 1994 MA are from the University of Austin, Texas, and he has a 1999 PhD from Northwestern University.

In Economics and the Woodrow Wilson School, Jonathan Parker studies empirical macroeconomics. A 1988 graduate of Yale University, he received his 1996 PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was a visiting assistant professor and research fellow at the University of Michigan in 1996-97. Since 1997 he has been assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

In History and the Program in Jewish Studies, Olga Litvak's field is modern Jewish history. Educated at Columbia University, she earned her BA in 1992, MA in 1994, MPhil in 1995 and PhD in 1999.

In Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, N. Jeremy Kasdin is interested in dynamics and control. He has a 1985 BSE from Princeton and 1987 MS and 1991 PhD degrees from Stanford University. A project manager and chief system engineer at Stanford, he was president of Alexis Engineering from 1996 to 1998.

In Molecular Biology, Michael Berry works on neurobiology. He has a 1989 BS in physics from the University of California, Berkeley and 1991 MA and 1994 PhD degrees from Harvard University. He was a research assistant for Exxon Production Research for one year, and at Harvard he was a teaching fellow in 1991 and has held a postdoctoral research position since 1994.

Also in Molecular Biology and also interested in neurobiology, Samuel Wang earned his 1986 BS at California Institute of Technology and 1993 PhD at Stanford University. A postdoctoral fellow at Duke University for three years, he was a congressional science fellow for the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources in 1995-96, and he has been on the staff at Bell Labs since 1997.

In Operations Research and Finan-cial Engineering, Kian Esteghamat studies operations research and finance. He has a 1987 BS from Cali-fornia State University, Long Beach, a 1989 MS from the University of California, Irvine, and a 1999 PhD from Stanford. He was a senior engineer at the Newport Corp. from 1989 to 1992.

In Philosophy, David Sussman studies Kant, moral philosophy, and social and political philosophy. An instructor at Princeton since 1998, he earned his 1988 BA at Swarthmore College and his 1999 PhD at the University of Chicago.

Also in Philosophy, Sean Kelly's works on phenomenology, philosophy of mind and cognitive science. With a 1989 BS and MS from Brown University, he received his PhD from Berkeley in 1998, and he was a lecturer at Stanford for the past year.

In Physics, Christopher Tully studies experimental particle physics. A 1992 graduate of California Institute of Technology, he earned his PhD at Princeton 1998 and is currently a CERN Fellow in Switzerland.

In Psychology, Sabine Kastner studies cognitive neuroscience. She has a 1993 MD from Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and 1994 PhD from Georg August University in Göttingen. A research fellow at Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in 1994-95, she has been a guest researcher and visiting associate at the National Institute of Mental Health for the past three years.

Brunnermeier, Kasdin, Tamer and Sussman have been appointed for three years beginning July 1; Wang for three and one-half years beginning January 1, 2000; Reiser for three and one-half years beginning February 1, 2000; and Kastner and Tully for three years beginning September 1, 2000.

All the other appointments are for three years starting September 1.