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Desires for fatty foods and alcohol share a chemical trigger
12/15/04 -- A brain chemical that stokes hunger for food and fat also triggers thirst for alcohol and may play a role in chronic drinking, according to a study led by Princeton University scientists.

New research tool aids study of national well-being
Princeton researchers develop method to better measure people's quality of life
12/2/04 -- A new research method that quantifies people's quality of life -- beyond how much money they make -- could lead to a national index of well-being, similar to key measures of economic health.

Could Abu Ghraib happen again?
Psychologists call for greater attention to role of peers and superiors in prison scandal
11/25/04 -- When news broke about the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, many people questioned: Who could do such a thing? According to Princeton psychologists who reviewed decades worth of studies, the answer is: Anyone.

Oates, Muldoon to give reading from new anthology, Dec. 2
11/24/04 -- National Book Award-winning novelist Joyce Carol Oates and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon will participate in a reading and concert celebrating the release of a new anthology on the American ballad at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 2, in the Stewart Film Theater, 185 Nassau St.

Two seniors win Marshall Scholarships
11/22/04 -- Princeton seniors Patrick Cunningham and Joshua Geltzer have been awarded 2005 Marshall Scholarships, which cover the cost of living and studying at a British university of the recipient's choice for two or three years.

Kean and Myhrvold to be honored with alumni awards
11/16/04 -- Two Princeton graduates -- Sept. 11 commission chair Thomas Kean and technical and business strategist Nathan Myhrvold -- have been selected as the 2005 recipients of the University's top honors for alumni.

Delays in cutting greenhouse gasses could harm environment
11/15/04 -- Successful efforts to stabilize the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere could still result in serious ecological damage if the cutbacks do not begin soon enough, according to a new analysis.

Media advisory: Princeton scholar available to discuss Arafat legacy
11/11/04 -- The death of Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat could pose a challenge to Middle East peace efforts because the new Palestinian leadership will face many domestic obstacles as it prepares for elections, said Amaney Jamal, a Princeton University politics professor.

Media advisory: Scholar comments on Bush's transition to second term
11/5/04 -- Now free of the constraints of a re-election campaign, President Bush needs to move quickly to reorganize his cabinet heading into his second term, according to presidential scholar David Lewis of Princeton University.

Edward T. Cone, music professor, pianist and composer, dies
10/26/04 -- Edward T. Cone, an esteemed music scholar, pianist and composer who was a member of the Princeton faculty since 1946, died Oct. 23 following complications from open heart surgery. He was 87.

Keohanes to join Princeton faculty in 2005
10/14/04 -- Nannerl Keohane, former president of Duke University, and her husband, Robert O. Keohane, the James B. Duke Professor of Political Science there, will join the faculty of Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs next year.

Study: Brain battles itself over short-term rewards, long-term goals
Implications range from economic theory to addiction research
10/14/04 -- Researchers at Princeton and three other universities found two areas of the brain that appear to compete for control over behavior when a person attempts to balance near-term rewards with long-term goals.

Media advisory: Researchers available to comment on electronic voting
10/13/04 -- Most, if not all, current systems for electronic voting are not sufficiently protected from fraud or mistakes, but could be improved by simultaneous use of voter-verified paper ballots and other measures, according to computer scientist Edward Felten of Princeton University.

Harvey named University's chief compliance officer
10/11/04 -- Laurel Harvey, a member of the administration since 1981 and currently general manager for administration, has been named the University's chief compliance officer, effective Nov. 1.

New method identifies chromosome changes in malignant cells
Combination of computer science and biology could aid cancer research
10/11/04 -- In a boost to cancer research, Princeton scientists have invented a fast and reliable method for identifying alterations to chromosomes that occur when cells become malignant.

Princeton Prize in Race Relations program expanded to three new cities
10/4/04 -- The Princeton Prize in Race Relations, an awards program for high school students who are doing exceptional work in their schools or communities to advance the cause of race relations, has expanded to three new cities: Atlanta, Houston and St. Louis.




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