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Task force on women in the natural sciences and engineering issues report: Princeton has made progress, but there is more work to be done
9/29/03 -- Princeton University has made considerable progress in attracting and retaining women scientists and engineers during the last decade, but should undertake a wide range of initiatives to address imbalances that remain between women and men in these fields, according to a study conducted by faculty members.

Girgus appointed special assistant to dean of the faculty
New post will focus on matters of gender equity
9/29/03 -- Joan Girgus, who has served as a faculty member, department chair and senior administrator at Princeton University, has been named to the new post of special assistant to the dean of the faculty to work on matters relating to gender equity.

Study offers genetic clues to causes of mysterious skin disease
Discovery of scleroderma's 'genetic profile' may aid diagnosis, treatment
9/29/03 -- People suffering from scleroderma, a debilitating, sometimes-fatal skin disease, may one day benefit from a study that gives doctors their first look at the genes behind the poorly understood disease.

Princeton paleontologist produces evidence for new theory on dinosaur extinction
9/25/03 -- As a paleontologist, Gerta Keller has studied many aspects of the history of life on Earth. But the question capturing her attention lately is one so basic it has passed the lips of generations of 6-year-olds: What killed the dinosaurs?

D is for dedicated teacher
Kernighan trades front lines of technological revolution for front of the classroom
9/24/03 -- Just a few hours after Opening Exercises on Sept. 7, members of the class of 2007 gathered in Richardson Auditorium to hear Princeton computer scientist Brian Kernighan give his talk on "D Is for Digital and Why It Matters."

Media Advisory: Afghan President Hamid Karzai delivers address at Princeton
9/22/03 -- The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University will host a lecture by Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Friday, Sept. 26.

New Princeton prize to honor high school students' work in race relations
9/22/03 -- Princeton University announced today an awards program to recognize high school students who have done outstanding work in their schools or communities to advance the cause of race relations.

Durkee to succeed Wright as vice president and secretary
9/21/03 -- Robert K. Durkee, Princeton University's vice president for public affairs, will succeed Thomas H. Wright as vice president and secretary of the University when Wright retires, effective Jan. 1, 2004. Durkee also will retain his current oversight of the University's public affairs activities.

Former Sen. Bill Bradley keynote speaker at integrity assembly
9/16/03 -- The importance of integrity will be underscored during a new event planned for Sunday, Sept. 21. Former Sen. Bill Bradley will be the keynote speaker at the first "Assembly on Integrity," which will begin at 7 p.m. on Cannon Green.

Dedication of the Memorial Garden
President Shirley M. Tilghman

New technique could lead to widespread use of solar power
Researchers envision mass-produced rolls of material that converts sunlight to electricity
9/11/03 -- Princeton electrical engineers have invented a technique for making solar cells that, when combined with other recent advances, could yield a highly economical source of energy.

2003 Opening Exercises Greeting and Address
President Shirley M. Tilghman

Students honored at Opening Exercises
9/7/03 -- The accomplishments of Princeton's students were celebrated with the awarding of four undergraduate prizes at Opening Exercises Sept. 7.

Documents tell more about Fitzgerald's first love
Ginevra King was model for 'Gatsby' character and others
9/5/03 -- The Princeton University Library has acquired a rich collection of documents that reveal previously unknown details about American author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his first love, Ginevra King.

Record 52 percent of freshman class receives financial aid
9/3/03 -- The financial aid improvements implemented at Princeton several years ago are continuing to attract an economically diverse group of students to the University: A record 52 percent of this year's freshman class is receiving need-based financial aid.

Budding journalists get tips on reporting the news and applying to college
8/22/03 -- Pulitzer Prize-winning newsman Jimmy Breslin was among those helping to groom future journalists in The Daily Princetonian Class of 2001 Summer Journalism Program. Run by Princeton alumni who worked as journalists in college, the program is for students from urban, disadvantaged school districts who are traditionally underrepresented in the worlds of collegiate and professional journalism.

Princeton collections provide rich resources for researchers
8/20/03 -- Scholars from around the world have descended on the Princeton University Library this summer. Each summer more than 1,200 scholars use materials in Princeton's Seeley Mudd Manuscript Library and in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections in Firestone Library, which have distinguished holdings of rare books, manuscripts, prints, archives and maps.

First graduating class marks success of Princeton Prep
8/18/03 -- The first class of the Princeton University Preparatory Program will graduate this summer, completing an intensive academic experience designed to help students get ready for college. This summer the program has added a class to help them prepare for the daunting task of applying to college.

Schools of vehicles seek ocean data
Month-long experiment is testing autonomous vehicles in Pacific Ocean

8/11/03 -- In research inspired by the graceful coordination of fish schools, a team of Princeton University engineers is participating in a month-long robotics experiment that involves launching fleets of autonomous underwater vehicles into the Pacific Ocean. The work could yield benefits for a wide range of fields from climate and ecological research to military surveillance.

Science novices hunt for cancer
8/11/03 -- Trenton-area students are participating in three weeks of intensive science education with the Princeton University Materials Academy and the Mercer County Community College Upward Bound program. The program brings 16 high school students to the Princeton campus, where they learn primary concepts in math and science and simultaneously apply that knowledge in ongoing research projects.

Music scholar pursues research from Russia to the barre
8/4/03 - Simon Morrison, an assistant professor of music at Princeton, has spent hours in the dead of winter in an unheated library in St. Petersburg, on the trail of a lost choreography for his research on Russian ballet music. Morrison's perseverance in his research is what sets him apart as a scholar -- and what carries him through some difficult situations.

Social mobility: Study shows bacteria seek each other out
Findings could suggest new ways of attacking harmful bacteria
7/28/03 -- It turns out that bacteria are real social climbers. Or at least social wigglers. A study by Princeton University scientists has shown that bacteria actively move around their environments to form social organizations.

Glassblower helps shape first-rate research
7/21/03 -- Ensconced in a room cluttered with a dozen half-finished glass creations, Michael Souza wields a torch with flames dancing from it, custom making by hand many of the glass tubes used in experiments. Souza is the University's only scientific glassblower, and his deft hands and quick mind have made him essential to Princeton scientists.

Hands-on science: Quest program lets teachers do the learning
7/18/03 -- More than 50 middle and elementary school teachers gained hands-on learning experience in Princeton University's Quest program, which ran through Friday, July 18. The Quest program brings local teachers together with Princeton scientists and students in a series of workshops aimed at enhancing their knowledge of science and inspiring new ways to present the material to students.

Annual Giving campaign raises nearly $34.6 million
7/9/03 -- The 2002-03 Annual Giving campaign raised $34,562,041, with 59 percent of Princeton’s undergraduate alumni participating. Leading the classes in dollar amount raised was the class of 1963, which set a 40th reunion record by contributing $5,000,063 from 76.5 percent of the class.

McKay selected as vice president for facilities
7/9/03 -- Veteran Princeton University administrator Michael McKay has been promoted to vice president for facilities, effective July 1. He will play a key role in overseeing all aspects of the University's physical plant, and in the planning, design and construction of capital projects.



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